California Schools: Unionized Failure

Posted December 10th, 2010 by Iron Mike

It’s all about the kids.  They’re our future!”  You hear that from every school union leader coast-to-coast.  “We care about your kids, our members always go above and beyond”.   Oh yeah? 

California is the giant tip of our national iceberg.  The state is bankrupt, overrun with illegals [think there could be a connection?] almost totally controlled by Democrats with a few RiNO Republicrats, and looking for a massive federal bailout “…because we’re too big to be allowed to fail”.

But your kids ARE FAILING!!


As of 2010 Hispanic is now 51%

California’s union-dominated school systems are failing the kids on a massive scale.  For every kid they manage to send on to college, they’re dooming another to a lifetime of work at the car wash or the back sink in a restaurant.  And by percentage the greatest number of drop-outs are Blacks, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, and of course low income of all races.

So do we throw more money at the schools, i.e. the unionized teachers and system-savvy administrators?

Barbara Kerr, former leader of the state teachers union, [340,000 teachers] and other union chiefs declared a sweep after the 2005 special election. Oh, the poor teachers!  The teachers union spent more than $50 million against ballot measures,  $212 Million in the past decade on political campaigns.

Meanwhile back in the classroom, maybe the ‘Hispanic’ [Mexican] students are far more preoccupied with La Raza and the La reconquista movement than they are with doing homework and passing SATs?


Has anybody in the La Raza movement shown them what a college education and fluent English skills might bring them? 

Or do the Communist leaders of La Raza want and need a permanent underclass of barely literate peasants as guaranteed Socialist voters?  

Today it almost doesn’t matter if that is their master plan; – they are breeding a permanent underclass anyway.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Is this going to get these kids into college?

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