Ca$h Talks – Bull$hit Walks!

Posted August 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Persian Gulf states use cash [ours] to support Egyptian military – making Obama look puny and powerless.
Bowing Obama Powerless 
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE all understand the Muslim Brotherhood far better than most Americans – certainly better than Lurch or Obama. So when Obama tried to ‘make a statement’ by threatening to withhold $1.3 Billion in US Aid; they knew JUST what to do…

These Gulf States understand a harsh reality – that the Muslim Brotherhood will feverishly decapitate their entire extended families should they ever come to power. They must be stopped – at all costs.

While there may be no ‘good’ choices in Egypt, they clearly see that the Egyptian Army and Air Force are a cohesive force,  held together by pride and discipline,  and willing to shed their own blood to keep the MB out of power and Egypt free of 7th Century Sharia Law.

They also see through the fiction that Mohammed Morsi was ‘a democratically elected leader’.  They know that the MB thugs kept millions of Egyptians from voting in June 2012,  making that ‘election’ a mockery to everybody but the Obama cartel and the American media.

 Hillary Made Things Worse
They’ve been watching in horror as the American pResident continues on his own jihadist path of arming al Qaeda goons in Syria. They must understand by now that they are next on Obama’s list of allies to betray.

Together they’re kicking in $12 Billion to keep the Egyptian military solidly in power. That move publicly neuters Obama,  who they always knew was just a delusional strutting popinjay.

In a rare moment of public sobriety, SecDef Chuck Hagle admitted ‘…we have limited options’,  meaning keeping the Suez open is far more important than who is running Egypt.

This week marks a major turning point in the pResidency of Barack Obama.

With hundreds dying in the streets, mosques, and churches of Egypt,  – with the flow of oil and goods through the Suez at stake,  – and with powerful allies turning against him – this is far more noticeable than his botched arms smuggling across the Arizona border or out of Benghazi.

His own sycophants in the American Press aren’t helping – because they don’t have a clue. Instead they have a knee-jerk agenda; – that if the military has toppled ‘a freely elected leader’ – it must be a coup – and the president HAS to ACT!

But of course,  he can’t.  He’s burned off all our potential allies. No longer will they even share intelligence.  Obama and the Americans can’t be trusted.

Everybody in the world [except maybe MSNBC] now sees Obama as incompetent, detached, and totally unreliable. There will be no more Peace Prizes,  no more grand world tours,  no more grand world speeches.  For the next 3½ years – Obama is the Lame Duck the mainstream media created – and is now stuck with.t time

His 3 AM phone call came.  He slept through it – he had a t-time on the Vineyard.












5 Responses to “Ca$h Talks – Bull$hit Walks!”

  1. Tom

    Putin is also supporting the Egyptian Military which is just another slap in the face for Obama. Having worked with the Egyptian Army and Air Force, I can say they are dedicated to their country and certainly not to the MB or the Islamic terrorists.

  2. MC

    With the pResident’s extreme narcistic attitude, he probably doesn’t even realize or much less cares what Putin did or does.

    It is past time that we hold our politicans to a higher standard with consequences for their actions, but definitely with term limits.

  3. Casey Chapman

    We have needed term limits for quite some time now. If we had them in place, Harry Reid and McCain would have been retired long ago. We need to hold the House and take back the Senate, so we can impeach the pRez.

  4. Varvara

    Putin is supporting the Egyptian Army and Air Force….

    Today I like Putin. Today I dislike 0bama even more than I disliked him yesterday.

    Yes, the Egyptian Army and Air Force are brave and proud of their country. I just wish that our President, 0bama felt the same way about our, not ‘his’ military.

  5. Walter Knight

    America has allies in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Afghanistan, but Obama cannot be trusted to identify and help them because Obama is either the enemy or incompetent.