Cadet Shannon Learns Lies Get Expensive

Posted August 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Lies,  – exaggerations,  – embellishments, – puffery,…it’s all not the truth, – and it can inflict terrible damage on others.

Two weeks ago in a Virginia courtroom,  a jury decided that a little payback was overdue.

The story starts at West Point in 1986,  – when a young female cadet dropped out.  She went on to have a civilian career.  And she wrote a blog.

One of her classmates – David “Wil” Riggins, was having a sterling career – proving himself in combat and moving up the ranks.

Then he was nominated to be a General.

That’s when Susan Shannon used her blog to claim that 27 years ago back at the academy,  – when he too was a cadet – he’d raped her.

After a minimal investigation – the Army (under Obama) took no chances and pulled Colonel Riggins’ nomination.  He retired as a Colonel.

And he sued Susan Shannon.  He must have been convincing – because the jury handed him a pretty hefty award – $3.4 Million in actual damages and $5 Million in punitive damageswith interest from 30 Sept 2013.

There is a standard defense motion to set aside the verdict – which will be heard in the weeks to come.

Colonel Rigging is unlikely to see very much of his $8.4 Million award,  – and he’ll owe attorney fees out of it.  He’s got his good name back,  but that General’s Star is gone forever.

Meanwhile on the West Coast former Cadet Shannon still has her blog up – and tells of her slow conversion from a single-issue (abortion rights) liberal Democrat to a Conservative following 9/11.

But what I find troubling is she calls herself an ex-soldier,  and I don’t think dropping out of West Point qualifies her for that title. Somehow she is still shading the truth.

Fairfax County Circuit Court Jury Verdict CL-2014-9220


Waiting 27 years to accuse a person of something as serious and ugly as RAPE – seems pretty inexcusable.  The Army of 1986 was fully equipped to deal with the issue if it had happened,….but 27 years later,….Shannon was just flinging words into the air.

Rape in any form or any place is inexcusable, – needs to be reported, and the guilty dealt with.

But – a person making a false report – to include cases where consensual sex is later declared as “Rape!” should be punished as severely as a rapist.

4 Responses to “Cadet Shannon Learns Lies Get Expensive”

  1. Terri Campbell

    There should be some kind of prison time for women who falsely accuse men of rape. I’m thinking if you have the threat of 18-24 months in prison for lying you’re going to think twice about the lie. It is so wrong to ruin someone’s life just because you can.

  2. Flyboy

    There are a lot of fakers and people that embellish their records floating around. Hard to trust anyone these days.

  3. Susan Shannon

    So, in your opinion, whatever a jury determines = TRUTH, right? I am writing a book that will give all the data that the jury was given as well as most of the information that I brought concerning Riggins’ character and reputation that was unjustly suppressed by Judge Ortiz. Riggins failed his lie detector test when he was questioned about my rape. Did you know that? Anyone in the military knows that this information was available to the Sec. of the Army McHugh who would most definitely consider it when making his decision to promote Riggins. Riggins also lied on his promotion review board letter concerning important facts of his investigation- these lies were then sent to the Sec. of the Army who used it to make his final decision as well. This report was also suppressed by Judge Ortiz. Furthermore, the actual findings of his criminal investigation done by the Army was also stricken as ‘inadmissible’ in my trial, thus depriving the jury of the true results of his investigation. Therefore, the jury was only allowed to hear the false results of his investigation, which stated that my accusation was unfounded. That is not what Sec. of the Army recited when he denied Riggins his promotion. He cited the fact that the CID investigation did not uphold RIGGINS’ innocence. You know nothing of my case or the trial. Judge Ortiz refused to allow any of my witnesses to testify concerning their personal knowledge of Riggins’ mistreatment of women in the military and his clear harassment of women under his power. But my book will contain all that evidence and more. It will prove 100% that he lied on his one and only alibi to my rape accusation. What I find so despicable is Republicans bashing a female CONSERVATIVE who has worked for many years for our cause. You truly make me ill. You write as if you are relishing an unjust verdict against one of your own. You don’t bother to investigate the case, but you condemn a woman joyously. And you wonder why Republicans get a bad rap concerning their ‘hatred’ of women. Here are two articles I wrote to defend myself- get the facts.

    I didn’t get a fair trial and can’t afford an appeal. That just means that a RICH man won over a stay at home mother with three kids. Your joy over this complete and utter injustice hurts a woman who gave up everything to stay home and raise her kids in a decent, hard working Christian home. Shame on you. Seriously.

  4. Iron Mike

    No Ms. Shannon, I don’t ‘condemn women joyously’.

    But once again you are raising your hand and your voice well after the FACTS.

    IF and I do mean IF – you were raped as a cadet at West Point in ’86 (31 years ago) you should have reported it THEN. Waiting until Colonel Riggins was on the list smacks of the kind of cheap shot often taken by jilted women.

    If you were raped, I’m truly sorry; but waiting 3 decades to come forward,…frankly Lady – that was a trashy move.

    This entry was posted back on August 15th, – and here you come 6 weeks later with your ranting comment. LATE AGAIN Ma’am!

    So,…even if you were raped as a cadet, – you’ve already cost Riggins his star. What the fuck more do you want – after your 3 decades of SILENCE?