Bye Bye Senator Evan Bayh, (D)IN

Posted February 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

“Drove his Govt Chevy to Elkhart but the levy was dry”

Willing Shill?

Another liberal Democrat senator says he’d hanging it up – won’t run for re-election this year!

Evan Bayh was twice elected Governor of Indiana before being twice elected to the US Senate seat in 1999 – the same seat his daddy held for 18 years.  Known as a “moderate” and a “fiscal conservative” – he has consistently voted with the left wing of his party.  He has repeatedly been mentioned as presidential and vice-presidential material.  He has won each of his elections with a comfortable, – sometimes substantial margin.  So why quit now?

Not the "Change" they voted for?

With unemployment in Indiana running at 9.9%  [2,796,300] up from 7.8% a year ago,  having voted for all of Obama’s boondoggles may not be playing well back home.

In December ’08 – even before Obama was inaugurated – Bayh attempted to form a group of “conservative Democrats” into a “Blue Dog” caucus similar to the Blue Dogs in the House.  He didn’t get very far, Senate Democrats swung immediately and wildly into the Obama camp.  But his mere suggestion of moderation brought the scalding wrath of the left wing.

Million $$ Wife

 The Susan Factor:  Bayh’s wife Susan is a 50-year old attorney and mother of their twin 14-yr old boys.  She ~ perhaps because her husband is a senator ~ sits on the boards of a number of health care firms.  Legal under senate rules, – there have still been rumors of “conflict-of-interest” for the senator – from both sides of the political fence.  And since she makes lots more money – several million between 2006 – 2008 – than he does, – these questions persist.

Obama’s coat tails have proven poisonous for Dems in Virginia, NJ, and Massachusetts.  Bayh is getting hammered from both the far left and the right, [and likely by the TEA Parties].  His twin boys have reached their rebellious teenage years.  His “presidential prospects” forever dimmed by his association with the Obama halo.  So what’s a guy to do? 

Hey, maybe retire and become a lobbyist?  Make way more money, and still be able to pick your associates.  I mean, who really wants to hang around with Benedict Arnold Specter, Chuckie Schumer, Maria Cantwell,  Al Frankin,  John Kerry,  Barbara Milkulski, or Debbie Stabenow?  Bye-bye Evan.  Happy landings!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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