By Ye’r Horn Ye’r Known Bill Weld

Posted May 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Bill just had a very bad day in Orlando – at the 2016 Libertarian Convention – where he was booed by the crowd.
Bill Weld booed in Orlando
At RRB we think his necktie didn’t help his image….

I remember back 25 years ago – January 1991 – when Bill had just been sworn in as the new Governor of Massachusetts following that terrible dipshit Michael Dukakis….

…at his first press conference he told the reporters that he “…needed to get down to Washington and wear an Elephant Tie,…to let them know Massachusetts had just voted Republican…”

That was an enormous stretch of the truth…..we’d just rejected the one-armed John Silber by a slim 3% margin.  But Weld was never one to let facts or reality go to his head.

Weld was re-elected in 94, – and filled with ambition showed his disdain for the chores of governing by challenging John Kerry for his US Senate seat in 1996 – losing 53% – 45%.

Weld and Kerry

The next year President Bill Clinton suckered him with flattery, – offered him the Ambassadorship to Mexico, – and Weld resigned from the Governor’s office.

Weld and Clinton

Only to have Senator Jessie Helms block his nomination….

So Weld moved to New York and ran for Governor there – as both “Republican” and Libertarian….and lost….

…and in 2008,…seeking even a glimmer of public spotlight,…RiNO Weld endorsed Barrack Obama for President… This year he endorsed John Kasich….

RiNo Weld w Scott Brown and john KAsich

Bill, we have no idea what your alimony payment to Susan are,…but maybe you should consider a quiet retirement…?

Libertarians boo Weld

.’cause it seems that the voters of at least 2 parties have seen through you,  – found your core hollow,  – and your ego enormous…..

2 Responses to “By Ye’r Horn Ye’r Known Bill Weld”

  1. Sherox

    The big thing that should also be added here is that in the 2014 election cycle he endorsed several Democrats over the Republicans running. This is something that should not be allowed. He should be thrown out of the party.

  2. Marc

    Among other things, that RINO swine Weld was personally responsible for signing the first in the nation pervert rights bill. This emboldened perverts all across the country and set the stage for pervert adoptions, pervert marriage, pervert indoctrination of children in schools, pervert pride parades, perverts serving openly in the military, and all the cross-dressing pervert nonsense that’s being shoved down our throats today.