Burger King VS King Obama

Posted August 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Will the American icon move it’s corporate headquarters to tax-friendly Canada – and dare Obama to do anything about it?Burger King  Hortons  Canada
Burger King Worldwide
is currently 70% owned by Brazilian 3G Capital, who also own’s HJ Heinz – the ketchup company. If BKW can buy Canadian chain Horton’s, moving away from America’s 35% corporate tax rate to Canada’s 26.5% seems like a no-brainer.

See, it’s not just foreign affairs that Obama and his Socialists in Congress are screwing up; – they’re turning our economy into a third-world cesspool too!

One Response to “Burger King VS King Obama”

  1. Casey Chapman

    You watch. Obama and his minions will try to make Burger King into the next Kohk(pardon spelling) brothers. Harry Reid must be having a conniption fit right about now.