Buckle Up Pilgrims, Rough Week Ahead!

Posted January 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The oblivious Americans (Democrats) and twitchy investors will have a hard time keeping up this week,  – between mourning Kobe Bryant,  – worrying about catching the Coronavirus,  – and wondering if Mitt Romney will stab Trump in the back – again.
RRB is betting the only person who stays calm and focused will be our President!

One Response to “Buckle Up Pilgrims, Rough Week Ahead!”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    Guess how to know what fake Republicans will stab President Trump in the Back. Answer they have a family member involved with Uranium one or a Ukrainian energy company.

    Romney will definitely stab President Trump in the back.

    Also strange facts Romney’s niece is the head of the national Republican party and Ron Kaufman Bff of Romney is head of Massachusetts Republican State committee and also is the Treasurer of the National Republican party.