Bryan Pagliano: Dead Man Walking?

Posted September 3rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

BE VERY CAREFUL BRYAN!   Taking the 5th won’t save you,  – if you know ‘stuff’ that could send Hillary to jail.
Vince Foster Bryan Pagliano
Does the name Vince Foster ring any bells? 

Vince was one of the original lawyers in the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, – and became Bill Clinton’s Deputy White House Council….

…and in early 1993 he was trying to clean up Hillary’s double-billing records,…without much success,…when he was found draped over a cannon at Fort Marcy.

RIP Vince Foster

Strangely…just the very day BEFORE,  Bill Clinton had FIRED FBI director William Sessions…

Foster Suicide Note a Forgery

So your lawyer can charge you BIG BUCK$ to advise you to “…take the Fifth!”,

…but Trey Gowdy can offer you immunity – thus giving you the stark choice of testifying UNDER OATH – answering each and every question in detail, – or going to jail.

Remember that what Trey is really after are the Benghazi-era emails – the ones which will prove conspiracy to smuggle arms into Syria,

– and the conspiracy to cover up the attack by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood – which blew the operation – and which killed our four people….

Benghazi Lies

Nailing Clinton for security violations and illegally arm-twisting money from Arab leaders for her World Initiative Slush Fund – those are just bonus points.

THUS you should keep in mind that BOTH the Clintons and the Obamas want you silenced

They know how to do it.   Just ask Ron Brown or Donald Young.   Yeah,  you can’t really ask them,…you’ll have to Google them….

Ron Brown and Donald Young

Early this morning as Carrie was going to work – a cyclist “…blew through a red light and hit her car…no injuries…”

Sheer coincidence,  – utterly random event,…or somebody sending a little warning that ‘she can be touched’…?

Bill embraces Carrie & Bryan

If you want to grow old Bryan,  – go sit down with Trey Gowdy’s people and video-tape a lengthy statement – under oath – and tell those investigators EXACTLY what the Clintons said about the email server you installed in Chappaqua…Bryan & Son

Your loyalty needs to be to Carrie and your kids,…NOT to the Clinton Criminal Cartel!

Oh, and Bryan, – before you dismiss this as ‘conspiracy theory’,…do a little research into Loretta Fuddy

RIP Loretta Fuddy

Pagliano gets immunity


3 Responses to “Bryan Pagliano: Dead Man Walking?”

  1. KarenG

    He probably knows things that could torpedo Shrillary’s campaign and land her in the federal pen…If he opts to clam up and he’s snuffed, it’s his own fault IMHO…can he say “dirt nap”?

  2. Panther 6

    Strange things seem to befall folks around the Clinton’s who know too much damaging STUFF. Accidents happen, suicides occur in which the perp cuts off his own head. You know easy stuff like that. Mr. Bryan P had best be VERY careful

  3. Bill Beebee

    I remember the news coverage of Vince Foster’s apparent suicide. He had apparently shot himself in the mouth. His body was found in a DC park, patrolled by the US Park Service, and he was lying on his back on the ground. A forensics expert interviewed about the finding said that it looked suspicious. The body was neatly arranged and there was no blood path across the chest as is typically found after someone dies by shooting himself/herself in the mouth. The implication was that the death occurred elsewhere and the dead body had been moved to that location.