Brown-Warren Debate: Voters Lose!

Posted October 2nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

It wasn’t a real debate – it was a media-driven ‘event’. I knew that because the lots all said ‘Event Parking – $20’.

The Republicans supporters arrived to hold signs a bit late – they couldn’t come until after work.  The union folks were there in droves [$11.oo/hr] – donning white t-shirts and chanting as directed. They outnumbered the Brown sign holders 3-1.

Inside the Tsongas Arena was packed to the max; still that 3-1 ratio.  They were well cued on when to boo Brown.

Smirking David Gregory was full of himself as always.  He baited Brown into a protracted ‘attack’ on Warren’s lying.  Warren successfully turned that into “Brown is attacking my mother”.  Democrats ALWAYS need a VICTIM.

The voters lost.  Our state interests lose.

Brown needed to be blunt, i.e.  “I think she is a serial liar – about the Cherokee thing, about her Fortune 500 clients, and other aspects of her research and her legal experience.  Let’s move on to Massachusetts issues.”   Instead he danced a minuet.

By trying to appears a ‘gentleman’, he let her turn the exchange into an attack on her mother – a theme being played out in her TV ads.  She has mastered the art of turning ‘Brown‘ into a three-syllable word.

Gregory wasn’t done playing partisan operative.  He asked if Brown was ‘distancing himself‘ from the Romney campaign’  It was an awkward moment for Brown – who has yet to learn that the PRESS is NOT his friend – they don’t give a rat’s ass that his wife was one of them. There is no respect or courtesy – simply because he’s not a flaming liberal.

Brown may be a decent guy, albeit a middle-of-the-roader, – but he’ll find few supporters out where you mostly find yellow lines and dead skunks.

Warren’s most ludicrous line of the night was ‘I’ve had experience working across the aisle too’.  This somehow triggered Brown into belaboring the point  ‘I don’t work for Senator McConnell or Harry Reid’

Enough already Scott, we get itThey don’t care!  For them, you’ll never be liberal enough.

Gregory’s third attack came in questioning the candidates about tax policy and the Simpson-Bowles recommendations.  Of course it was a trap….

Scott said he wasn’t going to raise anybody’s taxes in a recession…

Warren pounced – claiming [falsely] that Scott ‘had taken a pledge to the extreme right-wing never to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires‘.  She said that the 97% were being held hostage to the rich.  Again she got applause.  Class warfare is the political issue of 2012.

Warren’s union backers were there in full force, and cued to voice their support for ‘roads and bridges’ [aka the code word for money-wasting federal union construction jobs].  She claims small businesses here ‘…need a good federal partner‘.  Behold, the birth of a new left-wing buzz-word! 

By this time Scott was mumbling his words – Menino fashion.  His message of business needing tax certainty and our need to address the $16 Trillion national debt was falling on deaf ears. 

AT THIS POINT I was overcome with sadness for my country – realizing that ¾ of the people gathered in the arena have been conditioned to believe that it is the responsibility of the federal government to guarantee them a comfortable middle-class lifestyle – with lifetime benefits – in exchange for union dues and sign-holding.

Gregory moved on to ‘Foreign Policy‘ the war in Afghanistan.  Warren got cheers for wanting an immediate withdrawal, Scott got boos for explaining how he wouldn’t have advertised the withdrawal date.  The Vietnam-era anti-war crowd is grayer – but still alive and booing.

I hope those who booed will remember,…when in 20 – 30 years their children and grandchildren will again be in a shooting war with radical Islam – and likely in Afghanistan.  I seem to remember a great hurry to get American soldiers back from Germany in 1919. How’d that work out?

Gregory ask the ‘who do you admire’ question about Supreme Court justices. Brown admires Scalia [no-brainer] and Warren admires that other lying lawyer – Kagen.  Gee, who’da guessed?  The liberals groaned and booed the very mention of Scalia.  Antonin, – you’re my hero too!

There were obligatory student questions.  A white chick graduating in Political Science asked about jobs, a Black  kid – newly made US Citizen – asked about the Dream Act.  Both had been picked to give Lizzy the advantage.

Then Gregory – always the twerp – asked about John Kerry [qualified to be SecState?] and the Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.  You have to understand – in Gregory’s mind this event was all about his career – not about having a meaningful debate on substance.  So the format favored the 10-word soundbite – not facts, logic, or principled positions.  Uninformed voters learned nothing new.

MY CONCLUSIONS?    Scott could well lose this election by not sticking closer to conservative issues and principles.  His strategy seems to be to harvest the ‘unenrolled’.  He may be over-estimating their conservative leanings.

Warren scares the crap out of me.  I’m now convinced we’re only seeing the tip of her socialist / communist iceberg.  As a US senator she will be as dangerous as is Maxine Waters in the House.  I easily see them teamed up to nationalize whole industries. 

2 Responses to “Brown-Warren Debate: Voters Lose!”

  1. Tom

    Brown’s problem he has no grounded conservative principals, do he is always searching for the answer to placate the previous unenrolled voters. Warren, on the other hand , as a Marxist Socislist always had a ready talking point response. The fact that she is a sociopathic liar excaped the adoring moonbats. Mass is in serious trouble should she be victorious.

  2. Michael W Dane

    If Brown loses it is because he deserves to lose. That SOB has thrown us under the bus when ever he’s had the chance. While I will be voting for him and Romney, they hardly deserve it.