Broward’s School Board Shares The Blame

Posted February 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

While the usual liberal voices are again evangelizing against GUNS,  – and in particular against those scary-looking “ASSAULT WEAPONS”,  – it seems the Broward County School Board’s 2013 decision helped lead to the Douglas High massacre.
Once again a liberal feel-good decision has led to DEATH!

Years ago – 1999 – in the wake of the Columbine Massacre,  school boards over-reacted,  – many (most) adopting ZERO TOLERANCE programs.   Enforcement became draconian – kindergartners were expelled for chewing a cracker into the “shape of a gun”.

So five years ago the Broward County School Board decided to reverse their Zero Tolerance Program.  There would be no more reporting to police,  – even when Nikolas Cruz brought live ammo into the school,  – or beat up his ex-girlfriend’s new flame.

The schools would handle discipline themselves – no police reports.

So the local police – logging some 39 visits to Cruz’s home for domestic disturbances – were not aware of his violent behavior at school.

And he was never put on any “NO GUN LIST”…..and the registered Democrat voter was able to purchase his AR-15 legally….

Misplaced liberal good intentions have killed Americans – AGAIN!

RRB has reported before on the inbred corruption of Broward County – where ~ somehow ~ 62% of the population is magically registered to vote….half as Democrats.

And today those same liberals are demanding that Trump “DO SOMETHING ABOUT GUNS!”

Why are teachers and administrators required to have college degrees and advanced certificates, – if they are not going to be allowed to use their judgment on a case-by-case basis…?

How much longer will you send your kids
into an undefended kill zone?

Hmmm….all-woman school board….?

5 Responses to “Broward’s School Board Shares The Blame”

  1. Commandcaddy

    If I recall correctly, Treyvon Martin should have been in juvenile prison when he got shot by Zimmerman but wasn’t because of the schools not reporting crimes to the police. I believe the principal of the school he went to was an ex Police Chief and there was so much crime being reported it made him and the school look bad so he gladly adopted that idea.

  2. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    False flag by the Bush Clinton Obama soros covering their ass to get media off uranium one.
    Now the local politicians want the school torn down immediately……..why ….cover evidence

  3. Clinton Ma Tea Party

  4. Walter Knight

    Broward Schools not reporting crime to the police is not being reported in the mainstream media. Once again, RRB is ahead of the news.


    Thanks to my hard-working night shift….

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    Maybe instead of pointing fingers at law abiding gun owners for the atrocity, Broward County police officers like Sheriff Israel need to be taking a look in the mirror. Children are dead because dozens of incompetents and cowards in a position to do something did nothing.