British Imperialism Alive And Well

Posted July 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Two charismatic leaders  – both shapers of History,  – and each with huge followings in each other’s homelands….just might plan to meet in London.

But the English Globalists (very anti-Brexit) are as equally determined to nullify that Brexit vote as the Socialists and Democrats are determined to impeach Trump here.

So “those unnamed sources’ at 10 Downing Street have said Trump is not to meet with Farage!

Their timing – the 242nd Anniversary of our Declaration of Independence,  – is at best just sheer irony….or is it…?

Across England there is a movement for a ‘re-do vote’ over Brexit,…presumably because so many in England prefer to be ruled by bureaucrats in Brussels, 

– and because they like being overrun by hostile homicidal Muslims.

In the USA,  the Socialists are still claiming (without evidence) that Trump and Putin somehow stole the 2016 election from their Rightful Queen Hillary.

Clearly political and social insanity is not confined to the American Left.

And clearly the so-called “White Christians” in both lands are unable to tell the difference between legitimate REFUGEES and hordes of hostile invaders bent on take-over.

BOTTOM LINE:  Yes,  England is THEIR COUNTRY,  – and yes,  – they can set rules for who visitors – even our President – can visit with.

Sort of makes those words of our 1st Amendment mean a little more,  – as we watch other so-called Free Nations still acting like Imperial Kingdoms.

6 Responses to “British Imperialism Alive And Well”

  1. Varvara

    Refugees = mother, father, children, infants, grandparents, plastic bags, crying babies….

    Migrants = males between 15 and 55 and no luggage, except maybe guns and knives

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    My goodness….. Theresa May does not look like a very happy person.


    She’s certainly no Maggie Thatcher!

  3. Kojack

    “……they can set rules for who visitors – even our President – can visit with……”

    …..and we can decide whether or not we’re going to help out in the next conflict.

  4. Walter Knight

    If Nigel Farage does not meet with President Trump in London, they will meet at the White House in Washington D.C. Either way, it will be a great photo-op.

  5. Catherine

    She may tell him so – he can choose to disregard. Alternatively, a quiet word (about the Five Eyes collusion to stop his election, spearheaded by the UK, Steele and his fabrication for the benefit of the crooks in the swamp and their globalist co-conspirators) along with “we have EVERYTHING” might make her change her tune.

    Or they can meet in DC or a third country. May needs to be put in her place: she is NOT queen of what OUR President does.

  6. Sherox

    They can always meet elsewhere without any notice to anyone.