Bring Your Family To Court Day

Posted June 15th, 2015 by Iron Mike

It seems nothing brings families together like the arraignment of Black teenagers  – for the murder of a Black teenager.
Because Black Lives matter?
Bring Your Family To Court

Dorchester District Court today – the families of Raeshawn Xavir Moody – 
age 14 and Du’Shawn Taylor-Gennisage 16 listen to their indictments – as adults – for the ambush murder of – Jonathan Dos Santos 16 – who they cornered and shot 5 times last week.

Deval Patrick, Loretta Lynch, Al Sharpton, Michelle Obama where are you?

Folks,  liberal Democrats [sometimes called “Progressives” and “Socialists] have controlled Boston and Massachusetts politics for generations!

Across those generations they’ve gone from resisting federally forced busing of Black school children to courting their votes with EBT cards.  They’ve successfully turned several neighborhoods around Boston into Black Voter Plantations where gang warfare over drug turf rages on a nightly basis – and sometimes even in broad daylight.

And these liberals were sure that adding more black faces to the police force would ease the tensions – even if it didn’t solve the problems.

And they made it easier and easier for sub-standard teachers to be hired – and become un-fireable union members, – so that the schools had higher and higher dropout rates – and those who did make it through didn’t know too much – and had no market-ready skills.

Meanwhile – on Beacon Hill they were busy passing laws and raising taxes which drove almost all manufacturing businesses OUT of the state – sometimes OUT of the country.

RESULT:  young inner-city Blacks have no place to get jobs. Few will ever qualify for even minimum wage jobs – as Democrats attempt to “make life better” – by raising the minimum wage, – so that robot kiosks replace people.

Thus teenage Black kids become involved in selling drugs – as members of gangs, – and with each passing year life in the inner city becomes cheaper and cheaper.

Decent kids begin to be very conspicuous – and are often targeted.  Jonathan Dos Santos wouldn’t join a gang, – and a couple of young members were assigned to send a message.

Raeshawn and Du'Shawn murderers

It will take their murder trials to see if they were supposed to scare the crap out of him, – or kill him outright.

But they DID shoot him – 5 times.

Because after all,  Black Lives Matter…?

Deval Patrick was governor here for 8 years.  What got any better for young Blacks?

What was Jonathan’s sin,  in the black eyes of Raeshawn and Du’Sahwn?  Was he guilty of riding a bike, – of making good grades, – of staying clean, – or of being an athlete?

What did Deval or Obama EVER do to make Jonathan’s live safer or better?

Jonathan Dos Santos

RIP Jonathan:  Massachusetts Democrats owed you a better chance – and far worthier leaders.

Their feel-good gun laws didn’t keep you safe at all!

4 Responses to “Bring Your Family To Court Day”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I read that these two black thug youths laughed when they murdered Jonathan in cold blood. We will unfoubtedly hear that these two thugs were victims of a repressive white society, but they were tuning their lives around and they were good boys, of course, until we see the rap sheets. How many times have we seen this story in the Black Community? The liberals will say if we only had more stringent gun laws, not knowing that we already do in the state of Massachusetts.

  2. Walter Knight

    They’ll keep voting Democrat, because Democrats care.

  3. Catherine

    Wherever democrat/progressive/socialist/communist policies fester, the value of ALL lives is cheapened. This is the result.

    In a way, it makes sense: after all, if there is no God, and the state is all — then none of our lives matter. But then why should they care who kills whom? Just think of it as retroactive abortion by a non-parent.

    Then they can pull out tragic cases such as this one to try to make political points off the disgusting murder of a good kid.

    Just sickening levels of EVIL on the left.

  4. KarenG

    For what it’s worth, their parents may have helped these two hoodlums off to a better start in life by giving them more normal names…those made up ones simply connote “gang banger” in my opinion.