Bring Back Our Death Penalty!

Posted April 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Across our land good cops are being gunned down,  – it seems like almost every week.  It’s time for some lasting JUSTICE!

Let’s bring back the Death Penalty for all those who kill Cops, Firemen, EMTs, Judges and Court Officers, Corrections Officers,  – and babies! 

As this is posted Thursday morning there is a nationwide manhunt of for John Daniel Williams, 29, of Madison, Maine, who shot Deputy Cole,  – stole his cruiser, – then robbed a convenience store.

John had been turned loose on low bail in March by a Massachusetts judge – one appointed by über-liberal Governor Deval Patrick.

Judge Patten chose to IGNORE Willaims’ lengthy record of crimes in multiple states, including heavy drug use.   He issued him a ‘stern warning‘.

Let us all hope Williams REFUSES to be taken alive,  and that whatever cops find and corner him have LOTS of ammo!

Yeah, – like MassHole, Maine doesn’t have the Death Penalty,  – not even for cop killers. There is literally NOTHING to cause an angry or drug addicted goon from pulling the trigger and executing a police officer.

It’s time to STOP treating cops – and babies – as expendable!

3 Responses to “Bring Back Our Death Penalty!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Let’s not overlook that Judge Timothy Feeley lowered bail from $7,500 to $5,000. This is obviously ….. wait for it….. a gun problem.

  2. Ben

    What happened to mandatory jail sentence for carrying an unlicensed firearm?



    Gun laws are written by Democrats – for Republicans to obey.

  3. Catherine

    I still think that forcing judges to provide space in their OWN homes to those they release on bail and/or probation would put a fast stop to this crap.