Brigham And Women’s At The Trough

Posted March 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Fat LesbiansPrestigious Boston hospital
sucks up
your tax $$ to study

The National Institute of Health grants B&W …
……$1.5 Million
– borrowed Chinese dollar$ – 
for a 5-year study of why so many lesbians are obese.

All of this begs the question…

Barney and Jeriwhen does Barney Frank get his study? 

Harvard’s ultimate nanny-state wardenS. Bryn Austin ScDwho obsesses over fat children, will enjoy the money.


Let’s be serious for a moment folks…. 

Two (2) of our state’s ?ber-liberal congressmenEd Markey and Stephen Lynch are now BOTH running to occupy the toadstool vacated by John Ketchup Kerry. 

They’ll be talking about ‘government serving the people’ – and promising to outspend each other if elected.

They need to be pointedly asked about this kind of waste and fraud.

Watch this nanny-state warden’s hands as she talks.  Maybe we should have a NIH study about why ?ber-liberals cannot control their hands as they attempt to control our lives? [audio dies at 5.3 minute mark]

RRB left a message for Doctor Austin to query how lesbians would be selected / could volunteer for the study…  We’ll update if she responds.

So I got to wondering,…does Doctor Austin plan to examine fat lesbians, – or treat them?  And,…what if…diet and exercise makes them thinner,…and less lesbian?

7 Responses to “Brigham And Women’s At The Trough”

  1. Proud Republican

    what’s the difference between a radical feminist lesbian and a beached whale?

    about 5 pounds and a flannel shirt

    when can I get my $1.5 million?

  2. Tom

    The more important question is, who cares about why lesbians are obese, why homophobes are not and why transgender folk are either or? With all of the real and imagined budget issues “revealed” by the sequester funds for studies such as this should have been immediately diverted to keeping the People’s House open to all visitors or tuition assistance to our military warriors. The administration would rather not offend the gay community and offend Washington visitors and our precious military.

  3. Walter Knight

    This lady’s Crazy Legs Syndrom has moved up her body. I suggest she drink a soda to calm herself.

  4. MC

    Just another Government Grant that dumps money into a friend or foes pocket as a payback or to keep their mouth’s shut.. and then a case of Magic Pencil if they ever get audited.

    I wonder if someone has compiled a list of these paybacks somewhere. Would be interesting to see who “chairs” them.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Yet another component of the Gay agenda. There’s no difference between why Lesbians are fat and why anybody else would be fat.
    They spend money on stupid things like this all the time. But—-get our Amtrak up to the standards of the rest of the world? Heaven forbid.

  6. Jim

    Might as well just read The Onion to predict our future.

  7. Sam Adams

    Twisted whack jobs who assigned themselves to take money from the people to serve their own interests used to be tarred and feathered.
    I was watching FOX and the news video of the people mulling outside the fence at the White House. I was surprised they weren’t throwing rocks.