Brian Williams: 50 Shades Of Lying

Posted February 11th, 2015 by Iron Mike

You make $10,000,000.oo per year, your wife and daughter are successful and famous in their own right, your recent college grad son is struggling to find his niche, and yet you still need to make up war stories?
Brian Williams war stories

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Brian Williams saga is a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare.

Jane Stoddard to wed Brian Williams

Two children from prominent and well-placed self-made families attend good schools – get the right jobs – meet and have a society wedding – move to an expensive society town in upstate Connecticut – raise two kids – become more famous and more wealthy with each passing year…..

.and yet the now-world-famous young man – now a network news anchor – continues to make up war stories and embellish them with the passing years – particularly after actual witnesses are killed….

Seeing this unfold reveals a key to the Liberal Mind:

When the straight truth is plenty good enough,…

tell a better lie anyway.

If we were talking about Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. – people would defend him and call us ‘racists’.

But Brian Douglas Williams is a lily-white liberal married to a lily-white liberal, – living in a lily-white community and traveling in lily-white liberal circles.

He NEVER needed to make up war stories about RPG fire in Iraq.   JUST serving there as a war correspondent was ‘heroic’ enough.

ANY helicopter flight in ANY war zone is hairy shit, – no matter how ‘routine’.  I have the memories and the nightmares to prove it.  Williams NEVER had to make up a story about his helicopter being hit by ground fire.   He was already a rich, famous celebrity.

If you only saw him on TV, – you only saw part of the bigger picture.

Brian Williams and Family on Red Carpet

EXCEPT,…liberalism IS a mental disease,…and Williams is a lifetime liberal.

So for Brian, just telling about his time in Iraq wasn’t enough, – he had to increase the danger factor.

Jane Stoddard Williamsworks for  Bloomberg

Now his kids, – and his wife, – have to live out their careers with the public shame that he is a proven and publicly disgraced liar.

Allison Williams actress

But don’t expect the other liberal media talking heads to pile on.

They’ve been telling their own war stories,  burying embarrassing news about liberal politicians and entertainment figures, beating the drums of man-made global warming and dying polar bears, – and excoriating the ‘racism’ of the TEA Party and those greedy heartless killers in the NRA.

And they’ve been winning the culture and information wars….

*  Most Americans DO believe in ‘global warming’.

*  Most liberals are deathly afraid of ‘guns’ – even the word ‘GUN‘.

*  Most Americans are reluctant to see Obama as a Muslim, – as a fool, – or as a traitor.

*  Most Americans don’t even want to discuss Benghazi or Obama’s birth certificate; – and they don’t want to question how come the fat lady – Loretta Fuddy was the only one who drowned.

So to keep up the left-wing campaign of dumbing-down and brainwashing American voters secure from any real scrutiny, – the Left will toss Brian Williams over the wall down into the moat, – letting him tread water amid the sewerage,…until it is safe to let him back into their Magic Mystical Make-Believe Unicorn Kingdom.

Williams in the moat

Does anybody out there in RRB Land think Williams has learned a lesson, – or that he’ll keep a very low profile during these next six months?

I think he’ll end up teaching at Harvard or some other Ivy League school.

2 Responses to “Brian Williams: 50 Shades Of Lying”

  1. MC

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he was hired as a public relations czar for Zero’s administration.

  2. Sam Adams

    Now’s the time for highlighting Hillary’s many whoppers