Brian Morris: Job-Killing Obama Judge

Posted April 16th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Somewhere in Montana there is a FISH,  – and Judge Morris is going to save him from the evil pipeline.

A ruling issued by a sneaky Democrat under cover of the National Coronavirus Lockdown?

This sturgeon is a pre-historic relic,  – has survived ice ages and continental drifts, – earthquakes and volcanoes,…and will do just fine if it sees a pipeline crossing a river as it swims….

There is something really fishy about Judge Morris….

One Response to “Brian Morris: Job-Killing Obama Judge”

  1. Walter Knight

    Judge Morris should be impeached for abuse of power.


    It takes a 2/3 Senate vote to impeach a judge Walter.

    Corruptocrat Alcee Hastings was appointed by Jimmy Carter – served 1979 – 89, – until impeached for accepting big bribes from the Romano brothers.

    He then ran for Congress in 1992, WON; – reelected 13 times. He has represented heavily Black districts, he tells them they’re victims, and they love him. He’ 83 now.
    Alcee Hastings