Brian Kemp For Georgia Governor

Posted May 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

He’s a former State Senator and current Secretary of State,  – and he puts out a blunt but funny Conservative campaign ad.   Actually,  a few of them.

I wish we had Republicans like him running up here,  he’d have the Latte Liberals drowning in their Starbucks….(which would be fun to watch) videos:

If you’ve not been there, Georgia is a BIG state – 5.6 x bigger than Massachusetts.

Who becomes Governor in Georgia mattersWhy you ask?

Answer: Jimmy Carter

Others running in the May 22nd Primary include 6 Republicans,  a Libertarian,  and 2 Democrats:

LtGov Casey Cagle (R),  Hunter Hill (R),  Clay Tippins (R),  Michael Williams (R),  Mark Urbach (R),  Eddie Hayes (R),  Ted Metz (Lib),  anti-gun Stacey Abrams (D),  and anti-Trumper Stacey Evans (D).

I kinda like the guy with the sense of humor!


FULL DISCLOSURE:  Besides my Army time at Fort Benning,  I lived and worked in Georgia for 5 years,  – which overlapped some of Jimmy Carter’s time as governor.   By 1975 people there considered him a joke,  – and were stunned when the Democrats nominated him.

UPDATE:   Tuesday, 24 July 2018   Brian won his run-off Primary against LtGov Casey Cagle.  He’ll face Democrat Stacy Abrams in November.

3 Responses to “Brian Kemp For Georgia Governor”

  1. Ben

    Sounds like the kind of man for all states.

  2. Catherine

    I love what I see in his ads! What a great sense of humor.

  3. Kojack

    IRON MIKE – The only time I spent in GA was at Ft. Benning for Basic Training and Infantry School but that period was just enough to get a sense of the state and the people have been assigned to work with some of the civilians who worked on the base and some leave time off-base. I also got a sense of southern culture.

    The people I talked to didn’t have a very high opinion of Jimmy Carter either.