Brenda Snipes Is Stealing MORE Votes!

Posted November 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Florida’s most famous vote thief is in the center of the “recounts” of the elections of Senator-elect Rick Scott (R) and Governor-elect Ron DeSantis (R),  – and she just might get away with it.  She has before.

RRB has profiled this corrupt racist servant of the Florida Democrat Party before,  – in 2017 and again this past May;  – BOTH TIMES when judges found her guilty of tampering with elections.  If ONLY we had a functioning US Justice Department….
But as you can see,  Ms. Snipes is old and Black,  – and people are afraid to deal with her – i.e. place her in handcuffs!


One Response to “Brenda Snipes Is Stealing MORE Votes!”

  1. Mt Woman

    Can’t Pam Bondi, Florida’s AG do anything about this fraud?

    Good question!

    Broward County is 17+% Hispanic and 12+% Black, – which means that impaneling either a STATE or FEDERAL JURY to actually CONVICT someone like Snipes is near-impossible.

    There’d either be a hung jury or a Not Guilty finding – and she’d be back on the job.

    What’s needed is for a FEDERAL JUDGE to order her REMOVED from the office until AFTER the recount is complete.