Breathtaking Parallels

Posted September 4th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

I remember when Iranian “students” took American hostages and held them for 444 days.  They took them and thumbed their noses at a US President.  He did little to rescue them.  He did little to uphold the honor of America.  He did little because he was weak.  He was loath to offend and cause trouble in the east.  It wasn’t until a much stronger man was elected.  A man who would not accept a rogue nation holding America hostage.  It went far beyond 444 people in Iran.  America’s honor hung in the balance.  The new President tipped the scales back in our favor.

Fast forward several decades.  Many Presidents have come and gone from power in America.  But, here we are, faced with another threat from the same country.  They are now threatening to put their navy off our coast.  They intend to patrol our waters.  They are tipping the scales back to their side.  While our President plays golf, campaigns, and does nothing to prevent it.

Many of you think it’s a stretch but my thoughts are focused on Divine intervention.  The same intervention that awakened the country in 1980 to the dangers of renewing Jimmy Carter’s lease on the office.  The same one that made us all realize how dangerous he was as our leader.  I think that force is acting now.  He’s putting up warnings that we cannot fail to heed.  The economy is weakening our nation.  The move to socialism is destroying our republic.  Iran is thumbing their nose again.  The election that is weeks away is our test. 

Will we choose strength over weakness?  Will we choose to pursue the goals our forefathers set out for us?  Will will choose to restore America’s honor around the world?  Or will we knuckle under and let this President continue on the path he’s chosen for us?

My choice is made.  Is yours?  How many people will you convince in the coming weeks?  It is all on our shoulders to make sure we do all we can to protect America from four more years of this regime.  This election will be the turning point.  God willing.  rr

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