Breaking Point At North Andover High

Posted March 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

The walkout started with a few kids, – grew to several hundred,  – and drew media attention.

FINALLY!  The “accused” rapist was behind bars in New Hampshire…

It seems the school administration thinks letting a 3 x time accused rapist walk their halls and attend classes – even WITH one of his victims – is in the Public Interest?  The kids know better!

After the first KNOWN / REPORTED incident,  Superintendent Gilligan allowed the student rapist to return to classes – to walk the halls,  – and instituted a “NO CONTACT” order between Tuttle and his known victim….

In other words,  he was treating RAPE like some sort of minor crime,…and not thinking that maybe he had a serial rapist on his hands.

Gilligan’s NO CONTACT ORDER worked about as well as NO GUN LAWS and RESTRAINING ORDERS, – the bad guy wasn’t deterred! Oops?

Now,  as a result of Tuttle’s arrest in New Hampshire,  – more girls are coming forward.

Brace yourselves North Andover Taxpayers, – I smell LAWSUITS!

The insane capper: Gilligan’s NO CONTACT ORDER – which the female victim was REQUIRED to sign,  – stipulated that if she SAID or DID anything,  – SHE could get kicked out of school….

THE GOOD NEWS:  In these times when some students get excited over false issues, – these North Andover Scarlet Knights just proved there is some hope for this next generation of voters!

Well done Kids!

TRANSLATION: Gilligan has now pulled his head out of his ASS,  and now understands how tenuous his job and his pension are…

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  1. Sherox

    In other words, the victim was blamed and imprisoned by the contract.