BREAKING! Dictator Orders Insurance Fix!

Posted November 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

His Excellency  orders insurance companies to reinstate policy-holders they just dropped.Obama orders reinstatement
Will a written royal edict be issued?   Will anybody dare challenge it? 
Problems [even the ones you create yourself ] are easily fixed when you’re the King!
Which White House lawyer told him this is legal under our Constitution?

9 Responses to “BREAKING! Dictator Orders Insurance Fix!”

  1. Tom

    Eric Holder and John Roberts have his back. The males in Congress have undergone a mass castration and the eunuchs are silent.

  2. Varvara

    What? He is so sure of himself that he can give orders, even without checking first to see if he can tell insurance companies what to do, when to do it and how to do it.


  3. Sam Adams

    NOTHING this Marxist has done since he was elected has been constitutional.
    I just have one question: When will the Articles of Impeachment be written up?

  4. Len Mead

    The Muslim-in-Chief dictator is succeeding — not failing. His stated objective is to destroy our free country by creating dependency and chaos. While foolish “smarties” are laughing at what they think are screw-ups on his part, he is creating MORE chaos — the conflicting laws for Obamacare.

    His law forces insurance companies to cancel old policies not having things HE wants — so now how can they just “offer” them again? Already a statement from his own Health and Human services department points out that HE CANNOT JUST UNDUE A LAW by issuing a diktat.

    But instead of chuckling — realize that this is more DESIRED CHAOS on Obama’s part.

    Until somebody has the courage to start impeachment of the first failed black president in our history for any of a dozen good reasons, (and be labeled a racist for a few years) Obama’s success creating chaos, government regulation of all, taxation, voter fraud, spending $1.30 for every $1 the feds get and destruction of our freedoms will continue and accelerate.

    Len Mead (unwashed conservative)

  5. Hawk1776

    Lets not forget that two weeks ago at Faneuil Hall Emperor Obama lambasted the insurance companies for cancelling people’s policies – a blatant lie. So let’s look at the emperor’s “fix”:

    1. Insurance companies have collectively spent millions of dollars to implement Federally-mandated changes for Obamacare; now they are expected to undo the changes in six weeks
    2. State insurance regulators have to approve the changes before insure companies can again sell their “substandard” health care plans
    3. Some companies have exited certain states. example, Aetna exited the individual health care insurance market in California. What are they supposed to do now? More importantly, what do their (former) customers do?
    4. The concession if only for a year. In January 2014 we will revisit the same problem
    5. As Limbaugh pointed out, in 2015 employer-sponsored plans are affected as well as individual plans
    6. Any problems with this rollback will be blamed by Emperor Obama on the insurance companies. He will simply reuse his Faneuil Hall speech
    7. Not that it matters to this administration, but can they legally change Obamacare without having the law changed by Congress?

    Has anyone ever seen an administration as screwed up as this one?

  6. Casey Chapman

    This will confuse the insurance market something wonderful. And DON’T think he doesn’t know it. Just one more step one the way to a single payer system. Something he’s been jones-ing for for quite some time.

  7. Charles Caliri

    Only congress can make laws, change laws or repeal laws…. Except when Barrack is in town. What the xxxx. Did someone repeal the Constitution when I was asleep?

    Dazed and confused?

    No! Sign me Angry in Disbelief,


  8. Paul J Baldi

    Having been in the insurance business for 40 years, I can tell you the Liar-in-Chief has no clue what it takes to “reinstate” a policy. There is no magic button or replay available. You cannot mandate a reinstatement.

    Once again the malignant narcissist thinks he rules the world and has powers we mere mortals can only dream about. All he has done is make a bad situation worse.

    Interesting to see who he will blame when his latest edict lays a fart and disappears in the wind.