Brazil: “Estamos Broke, Estamos Fordidos!”

Posted June 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Every four years nations compete for the ‘honor’ of hosting both the summer and winter Olympic Games.  So much national prestige at stake, – hosting the games says your country – your city – ‘has arrived in the BIG TIME’.
But in recent decades cities have lost tons of money hosting the Olympics, ….

….sometimes because of poor planning,  – sometimes because contractors and vendors were experts at ripping off their host cities,…and often because the host cities couldn’t attract crowds of paying spectators large enough to cover the up-front costs.

People don’t want to travel to unsafe cities….or unsafe countries.

Athletes using drugs and hormones to gain a competitive edge have taken the nobility out of the once “Olympian” competition.

It has turned off fans and supporters – and sponsors.

And this year Brazil is plagued with a massive outbreak of the Zika virus….which causes horrible birth defects….

.and Rio is a crime-riddled city with a glittering downtown surrounded by deeply impoverished slums ruled by criminal gangs. Scary stuff.

Slums of Rio

And the State government of Rio de Janerio just announced they BROKE!

It’s what happens when governments spend more than they have.  Rio may not even be able to keep their city hospitals open – they can’t pay their staffs….

Rio's Olympic Village

Anybody think that State and City governments here in the US will take note,  – and curb their spending…?

If they believe that Obama and Hillary will always hand out more money for votes….I don’t think so….

Brazilian money

Do you have any idea how many ‘educated’ Democrats aren’t worried about our National or their State DEBT,...because they’ve been told – – and now believe…

“the government can always print more money”…?

States of Brazil

Boston,…you dodged a bullet!

2 Responses to “Brazil: “Estamos Broke, Estamos Fordidos!””

  1. Panther 6

    About a week ago some big official down there announced that all was in complete readiness for the BIG O games. Going to be interesting.

  2. Varvara

    But… they decided not to build the cycling arena. There is not enough time or money to build it. They just complete, a few months ago, a railroad to move the athletes from here to there, after several years.

    The Zika virus is awful. There is no cure or medicine and yes the hospitals are having trouble staying open. Also, some of the parents are giving up the babies and dropping them off at orphanages for the government to raise them.

    Venezuela is in worse shape. Socialists gov’t for you!