Brandon Navom Sues Mayor Mouthy Walsh

Posted October 26th, 2017 by Iron Mike

I’ve known this fine young man for years – he is always there when Liberals are trying to trample our rights, – and when crooks running for public office need to be faced down.

Imagine my anguish to learn that as a result of Mayor Marty Walsh’s unfounded lies,  – Brandon had lost his job.  Now he’s suing Walsh for $100 Million!

The Lead-Up:

Sick of the left-wing AntiFA bullying of Conservative speakers on college campuses across the land,  a local group decided to stage a Free Speech Rally on the Boston Common.  They got the required permission slips from the BPD.

It was scheduled for Saturday afternoon,  August 19th…and my young patriot friend was to be a featured speaker – along with a Republican Senate Candidate running against the Squaw.

THEN – the very weekend before – all hell broke loose in Charlottesville, Virginia,  – and a young anti-Trump AntiFA protester Heather Heyer ( Soros cannon fodder ) was run over.   She is now an AntiFA martyr.

The left-wing Media exploded with stories of Right-Wing Extremists and Hate Groups,  – all somehow linked to Donald Trump…

And immediately Mayor Mouthy Walsh and his Garden Gnome Police Commissioner went into liberal victimhood overdrive,  – claiming that the hate group’s next target was to be the Boston Common Free Speech Rally,  – long scheduled for the following weekend….

And Walsh mentioned Brandon by name…as the groups point man….

So the George Soros sponsored left-wing AntiFA – the local Boston section – sprang into action.  They tracked down Brandon,  – and began making threatening calls to his employer….

…and they alerted their standing army of Millennial Cannon Fodder to be ready to march on the Common and SHUT DOWN THAT FREE SPEECH RALLY!

And Commissioner Evans began planning for a massive civil donnybrook – getting State Police reinforcements and bracing for the worst….mindless that their hysteria had played right into Soros’ hands….


Before Saturday rolled around, Brandon had been FIRED, – been asked NOT to SHOW UP,….and the National Left-Wing Media was already teasing stories about the forthcoming massive civil disturbance….(caused by right-wing hate groups”).

But, the Boston Police Department refused to let the Media anywhere near those peaceful Free Speech speakers… the Media covered the 40,000 Soros foot troops marching on the common….

Brandon has just filed a $100 Million lawsuit against Walsh – in Berkshire County – in an attempt to get a more impartial jury,…since Boston voters do what they’re told.

Since I’ve known Brandon for years – from dozens of political events and from Catherine White’s Constitution Classes,…I’ll be glad to testify that Walsh’s slanderous accusations were totally baseless.

Navom is the kind of young patriot, thoughtful, studied, polite, and gentle,  – that you’d like your teenager to grow up to be like. There is nothing hateful or racist about him!

Walsh’s character assassinations caused genuine harm – (I hope not lasting harm), – but a career has already been damaged, – and financial hardship inflicted.

If you’re wondering why the MassGOP hasn’t weighed in on Walsh’s actions to squash Free Speech and assassinate Navom’s character,….remember that they’re essentially anti-Trump Democrats!

3 Responses to “Brandon Navom Sues Mayor Mouthy Walsh”

  1. Mike

    What chance is there for a “more impartial jury” in liberal MA’s RIGGED judicial system?


    Small chance, but he had to try.

    At a minimum it will force Walsh’s lawyers to make 2 or 3 trips to Pittsfield to file for a change of venue….

    And folks out there hate Boston, because they know which town is sucking up their tax dollars…

  2. Brad Wyatt

    Brandon was a terrific volunteer on many grassroots candidate campaigns.

    Disappointing to see the mayor of Boston jump to conclusions without considering the collateral damage to his city’s reputation, and well-intention Bill of Rights advocates.

  3. Marc

    One of the best decisions I ever made was to move out of Boston.