Brain-Dead Lori Trahan’s Junk Mail

Posted December 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

I once thought they couldn’t possibly come any stupider than Tsilent Tsongas,  – who was on par with Sheila Jackson Lee.  But now comes Lori Trahan, – sending out junk emails about supporting small businesses.

Does she think for a minute that we’ll ever forget her WILLING ROLE in Pelosi’s impeachment farce? #uck you Lori!

One Response to “Brain-Dead Lori Trahan’s Junk Mail”

  1. Kojack

    Moon-bat Lori Trahan replaced retiring moon-bat Nikki Tsongas in the 3rd CD in 2018 despite the voters(75% DUMMYCRAPS/”INDEPENDENTS”) in the district having a choice between her or GOP Gulf War veteran John McDonald. They also chose by almost 3 to 1 the fake Indian fraud LIE-A-WATHA over Geoff Diehl. The contrasts in both races could not have been greater and in the senate race LIE-A-WATHA had a voting record exposing her as a MOON-BAT’S MOON-BAT. That is why I say there is no hope for MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS.

    The MASS-HOLES IN THE 3rd CD LIKE THE WAY SHE VOTES AND THEY WILL RE-ELECT HER IN 2020! I just wish she would stop clogging up my mail-box with junk snail-mail and my in-box with junk email.