Bradley/ Chelsea Manning PROVES The Point

Posted May 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

First he betrayed our country and our allies,  got himself court-martialed and sent to prison,  and pardoned by that other traitor – Barack Obama.
Then he (now a she?) filed papers to run for the US Senate.

But Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend he/she wasn’t getting enough attention – not enough flattery and adulation from the Propaganda Ministry,  – so she tweeted a suicide picture…?

This peckerless sissy-bitch always was and still is unbalanced!

On a weekend when most Patriots are thinking about and thanking God for the heroism and valor of 1,354,664+ Americans who took up arms to wrest our Freedom and Independence from King George, and then protect it,…

….and for those who went forth to help secure those Freedoms for nearly 100,000,000 souls across the globe…

…Ms. Manning – in her toenail polish – decided to stand on a high ledge and tweet her suicide attempt…?

How much attention does this sissy-bitch need?

Thank GOD he/she didn’t fall – or the Left would have been blaming Trump for the next 200 years.

But Mister/Ms Manning has again proven exactly why gay and transgender people come with more than simple sex issues.

They are unstable, – they are easily triggered, – they lash out and do irrational things

– then expect to be excused and accepted as ‘normal’ again.

Anybody out there think this despicable piece of treasonous twisted DNA belongs in the US Senate?

Anybody want to give him/her another Security Clearance? 

16 Responses to “Bradley/ Chelsea Manning PROVES The Point”

  1. Panther 6

    Too bad he / she / it did not jump. That would really have gotten some attention. Can’t believe she can run for any office.

  2. Ben

    Heshe would not jump, even with a parachute because it would have been the last time hehe got any attention.

  3. Mt Woman

    I don’t want to paint the transgender issue with a broad brush, but in PFC Manning’s case, he clearly displayed his emotional and psychological instability in his efforts to downloaded and sell military secrets therebu being found to be a traitor to our nation. He looks for easy ways out of his uncomfortable situations. He never should have been given the option for transgender reassignment as he has past behavior of poor decision making and irrational thinking. He clearly showed that he was always looking for an easy way out of a bad situation or confused state. He needed treatment as a Male, not given a reassignment to mask real pathology.

  4. Catherine

    The really sad thing about all these “transgender” people is that the suicide rate – much higher than for normal people – does NOT go DOWN after surgery. That PROVES that the issue is internal; else surgery would “fix” the problem. Nope. It just adds more layers of problem, including the post-surgery problems that can never be addressed because the parts chopped off are gone forever.


    Heck Catherine, the Democrats are so into this crap that here in the 3rd CD there are 11 Dems still in the race to replace Tsilent Tsongas – including 2 gay men and a tranny ‘woman’

  5. Sherox

    Why is anyone here calling a man a woman?

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    In a 2010 court marshall, Manning was convicted of espionage and a couple dozen other UCMJ violations. Unless I’m terribly mistaken, or laws or regulations have changed, s/he’s disqualified from obtaining the requisite security clearance necessary to be a U.S. Senator.

    Frankly, it’s too bad s/he didn’t jump and put this sadly confused circus act to rest. I guess having a cutadickfromme isn’t the utopia it’s made up to be….

  7. Kojack

    Agree with all of theses comments, especially PANTHER – THE TAX-PAYERS HAVE WASTED TOO MUCH MONEY ALREADY ON THIS PIECE OF TRASH. If the FREAK had offed HIMSELF, he would have effectively carried out the penalty for treason that he should have gotten in the 1st place.

    CATHERINE – years ago it was diagnosed as a MENTAL DISORDER before the PC police and the GAY-STOPO. The stats you cite merely VALIDATE THAT DIAGNOSIS.

  8. Sonny's Mom

    Let’s just say, definitely not Congressional materiel.

  9. Guy G2

    Wow Kojack, you are in the right company here. I’ll bet you even think of yourself as a man of faith, yet you hate your fellow humans with so much vigor that you come across as extremely unbalanced. Lots of CAPS. Wishing for other’s death. You are a fine example of what the world needs less of. Time stealing. Ratting out coworkers. You have it all.


    Before you dare critique Kojack Mister Guy, – I think you should present your own credentials.

    You chose to barge in on our Memorial Day with some off-topic remarks about working overseas and how much you value immigrants, and how you despise Trump.

    So WHAT have you ever done to make America or the world safer, or this nation stronger?

    When did you put on a uniform, swear an OATH, and pick up a rifle?

  10. hddan

    I will paraphrase from two famous quotes;
    1. In the immortal words of Van Halen,”You might as well jump”
    2. Stan Marsh from South park; “I learned something today. You can not turn a man into a woman, all that you can do is to mutilate the man”.
    Why didn’t he/she jump? Has he/she undergone another change from a transgender to a chicken?

  11. Guy G2

    If this is an open blog how did I barge in? Should I have waited for a formal invitation? What day is Memorial Day? I thought that I posted on Saturday…

    Facts are very hard to come by from you, but opinion gushes forth in an unstoppable torrent.

    BTW, I’ve worn a uniform, taken an oath, and I am a reasonable shot out to about 600 yards. I’ve been around – I just don’t posture and act tough like you guys and then get all self righteous.

    I’ll be sure to watch your comments when your boy is impeached after having worked so hard with the Russians to get into office. You will accept his treason since he is not black or female,and yet you call yourself and American patriot. You bring shame on this Republic.

  12. GreenBeretLTC

    Incredible….. After all these months. After all the hearings. After all the testimony. After looking under all the rocks…and Russian hotel beds….this Guy still thinks Trump’s going down for collusion with Russians.

    Newsflash, Guy…. First, there’s no evidence at all pointing to collusion. Second, collusion is not a crime. Third, the only people apparently guilty of “conspiracy” to affect the outcome of the 2016 election seem to be
    the Clinton Cartel and the DNC….

    Get over it, Guy. You guys lost in 2016 because you ran a morally corrupt, patholigically prevaricating, obviously physically failing, narcistic, incompetent nincompoop for president….

    Thank God, and the Founders, for the Electoral College.

  13. Guy G2

    van der Zwaan

    Nothing to see here folks, move along now and get your free red hats! What about those Clintons and Obamas, huh? And let’s not let Carter off too easy, he’s building housing for poor people.

    13 indictments for Internet Research Agency (Интернет-исследовательское агентство for you Trumpers) agents

    If you had bottlecaps I feel for your troops, you haven’t got a clue.


    ENOUGH Blog Maggot! Until you can explain LBJ’s role in micro-managing a non-victory in Vietnam, Carter’s role in micro-managing Desert One, Bubba’s role in Rwanda, Obama & Hillary’s roles in Fast & Furious and Benghazi,…and the murder of Seth Rich,….you have NOTHING to offer.

    IF you ever really served in the American military, – and you STILL support Obama and the Clintons, then you must have a cushy office job and been in it for the money.

  14. Guy G2

    Anti-Trumper’s redundant rant DELETED.

    I told you: ENOUGH!

  15. Guy G2

    Now we have you running to your safe space to get away from words that call you out. Redact away!

    Can’t debate so run!
    Can’t stand your ground so RUN!


    We told you ENOUGH! We meant it.

    This blog is not a debating site for Hillary lovers and Obama fans to try re-writing History. Your candidates were both flawed and evil – and corrupt. They’ll be lucky to stay out of Federal Prison.

    And if you still insist on singing the praises of Obama and Hillary – start a band or start your OWN blog.

  16. Guy G5

    I’m a spammer using my work computer – Genzyme Corporation.