Bracing For Obamageddon

Posted July 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike

 ATTENTION: Republicans and TEA Parties

There is a 90% likelihood that in 3 short weeks – your pResident will pull one of history’s dirtiest political tricks. He will short-pay many of the elderly on their Social Security and military retirement checks.

Why?  He’ll do it as a club to bludgeon the life out of both Republicans and the TEA Parties. He will attempt to shift all of the blame for his socialist economic bumbling onto your shoulders. He will vilify you in ways and terms you’ve never seen in American politics.

Expect to hear certain catch-phrases thrown at his victims and you like water from a fire hose:

‘irresponsible stubbornness’

‘the top 2% who got the bush tax cuts’

  ‘the very wealthiest’

    ‘TEA Party racists’

      ‘those millionaires flying around in private jets’

        ‘wealthy people who own yachts’

The Budget/Deficit/Debt talks now underway are just a set-up and a smoke screen for Obama’s real intentions. A key tip-off is that this week Obama is suddenly looking for a ‘Grand Solution‘. [Is it just me, or does that sound like ‘Final Solution‘?]

Right!  After wasting 2½ years on the Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers, corporate bailouts [takeovers], deciding which car dealerships [Democrat contributors] get to remain in business, and flying around the world reading his teleprompters – now ~ somehow in the summer of 2011 ~ he is suddenly serious about the federal budget?

Don’t forget the immortal words of his buddy Rahm Emanuel ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste‘.

Obama doesn’t want to SOLVE this crisis – he wants to USE IT!

In this case, the Obama Cartel have just spent 2½ years manufacturing and aggravating our financial woes – by adding 4½ Trillion of debt in just these short 2½ years.

NOW he will spring the trapdoor.

I believe you should anticipate that in August – certainly in September – Social Security and military pension checks will be short, – if paid at all.

I think he’ll pay them by a zip code formula – where those in wealthy towns may get 30% – while those [mostly Black and Hispanic] in the inner cities will likely get 90%.  This will be the Dictator’s way of initiating a long-held Democratic dream – means-testing of Social Security. This is a core communist belief – ‘unto each according to their needs’.

With piety dripping from his lying lips the Dictator will be on TV every day telling of his struggle to get those ‘TEA Party Republicans in the House to be reasonable’, – and how ‘…he can’t pay Social Security or retirements with money we don’t have’.

The foolish and the desperate will buy it hook, line, and sinker. They’ll swarm to their local congressional offices to do the Master’s bidding. It will be scary.

Obama knows fear and hatred are powerful tools for inciting mobs. 

This is the kind of mass shake-down that our Chicago street hustling thug understands – getting a mob to do his bidding. [Remember how Hitler used the Brown Shirts?] Today Obama has his Purple Shirts.

 This is E X A C T L Y the kind of civil unrest that Cloward-Piven advocated.

It will make it VERY EASY for him to begin ruling by executive order.

With Republicans thus fully vilified in the minds of some 50 Million SocSec recipients, Obama’s re-election will be a cakewalk. It will also be the end of our American Republic. A second-term Obama will be the equal of a Hugo Chaves or a Fidel Castro.

Rest assured that almost all ‘Progressive Democrats’ will go along with this – either because they are the useful idiots – or because they are truly 21st Century socialists at heart, –  i.e. at last they can be free of the restraints on government power set forth in our Constitution.


If you wait until Obama acts to react – his ploy will work. He will win the battle for ‘hearts and minds’.

Democrats and government dependents are predisposed to believe ANYTHING the check-writer says. They JUST want their checks.

Obama knows this. He’ll spread the pain to drive home his policies – of raising the Debt Ceiling, borrowing, and spending ‘to stimulate the economy’. People without money – who have been living check-to-check, – will listen to and believe the guy who can send them a check. They will become an angry, hungry, and vengeful swarming army.

It will be too late for TEA Parties and the Republicans to simply say ‘we told you so’. The mob won’t want to hear it.


Launch your preemptive counter-strike NOW!

Each of you reading this – write a simple Letter to the Editor [LTE] to your local papers.  Go speak and hand out flyers at senior centers and places where the elderly come – like drug stores. You have just weeks to act.

You CAN BE SURE the Dems already have their press releases and their talking points about those mean Republicans and those ‘RADICAL TEA PARTIES’ all set to go.

If you can warn enough of the elderly NOW – then Obama’s actions ~ may ~ be thwarted, – but at least those folks will see his actions as having been predicted. You’ll have instant credibility.


– There IS money to pay all of Social Security – if Obama/Geithner don’t play games.

–  The Government has lots of ways to RAISE MONEY – to include:

Selling off unused Federal Lands,

Auctioning Drilling Sites [complete with Drilling Permits] – both on land and off-shore. This would help with the unemployment rate – and lower fuel costs.

Accepting IBM’s offer of FREE SOFTWARE which would have saved $990 Billion per year in fraud.

The Government can also SAVE money by delaying all work on ObamaCare until after the Supreme Court rules on it.

Laying off – or furloughing – all non-essential government employees – starting in the Department of Education.

Halting all payments to undocumented illegals.

Bottom line Folks, this issue is coming down the tracks like a run-away freight train, and you should get out in front of it with simple facts – BEFORE it buries you.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


One Response to “Bracing For Obamageddon”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    Our worst nightmares are beginning to come at us. Obama is putting America on a dangerous path, undermining our constitutional system, bypassing democratic procedures and the rule of law, going against our American way of life. If this arrogant tyrant has his way we will be a part of a global socialist empire. U.N Agenda 21 is his dream for our future. We must do all that we can to fight his agenda. We have the greatest country ever, we need to protect the life that we all enjoy. Our freedom, our liberty, our way of life is in jeopardy.

    We need to cut spending now, under this administration the spending is out of control and growing. we must reduce the size of government, cut the spending and pay down our debt. Our problem is not the debt limit, it’s the debt.