Brace For Dead Baby Pictures!

Posted September 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, – it’s off to Bomb we Go!
Obama's War
Last night Obama ordered the beginning of his air campaign against ISIS forces in Syria. Despite denials from Washington, Damascus says they had advanced warning of the overflights.

So brace yourselves Americans, you are about to be cast as the villains – and pictures of dead babies are going to be used against you.  All of this so Obama doesn’t lose control of the US Senate in November – rendering him subject to impeachment.

Even the talking heads on the morning Fox show seemed glad we were ‘finally doing something’ about ISIS. Historical perspective is non-existent in young people.


We’ve been chasing and bombing the Taliban – with US BOOTS all over the ground – across Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush for 13 long years, – and the Taliban are still a force to be feared.

During Desert Storm in 1991 we sent special forces and dedicated aircraft hunting across the entire Western Iraq war zone looking for Saddam’s SCUD missile launchers. We NEVER found them all.

1991 SCUD-hunting

From the air, SCUD launchers are very small, and can be camouflaged or hidden.

ISIS pickup truckSix homicidal assholes in a white Toyoda pickup truck are tiny – and blend in with all the other white Toyoda pickups….

Worse, they can easily be hidden in a house [you knock out one wall] surrounded by two or three innocent families.

Hamas – the al Qaeda / ISIS equivalent in the Gaza Strip have been playing this cat & mouse game for 20+ years. They wrote the book on how to use pictures of dead babies as propaganda weapons on the world stage.

Dead Babies

The current surge of rampant anti-Semitic / anti-Israel anger is a direct result of Hamas using pictures of dead babies.

Now, ISIS will be using that campaign against the US. They already successfully targeted Obama personally with the beheadings of Foley and Sotloff.

EVEN IF Obama can somehow hold onto a Democrat-controlled Senate – he is in for two terrible years, – and this will hang on him for the rest of his life.

He will come to lament on a daily basis his arrogance is evacuating from Iraq without a stay-behind force in place. Always the blamer, – he’ll likely blame Nouri al-Malaki, Joe Biden, and Hillary.

Back in 1933, most Germans didn’t see Hitler as a madman about to set the world aflame. Ten years later they were living in bombed-out buildings and every family had lost relatives.

TODAY, most Democrats still secretly believe in their idolized vision of Obama as a 21st Century environment-friendly political savior,…a man-god.

They’re still unwilling to believe they could have been suckered into putting a madman into the Oval Office – and then renewing his lease…

Now, the madman is loose on the world stage. Any general who ~ might ~ have stopped him has been carefully purged.

Our military high command today represents the same kind of politically obedient yes-men the German General Staff that went along with Hitler as he plotted with Stalin to divide Poland, and two years later executed his failed invasion of Russia.

Exactly like Hitler in 1941, Obama today has an exaggerated and inflated opinion of his own intelligence and his own infallibility. He has vastly underestimated the resources of the foes arrayed against him. He just doesn’t understand History.

Throughout History, at the end of a conflict, – a strongman always steps forward to take control of the chaos. The chaos is put down with brutal force, often mass executions. Think Napoleon, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein, Batista and then Castro. Always!

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is merely the ‘strongman’ that stepped into the vacuum Obama created by running headlong out of Iraq.

If Bakr is killed, – someone else will fill the vacuum – maybe someone from Iran.

Obama has NO PLAN to fill the next vacuum.

Starting last night, Obama began an attempt to surgically clean up his own mess.

It cannot be done surgically, – we will need to put Americans on the ground, – close enough to see targets, identify and sanction them, and paint them. Even that will cost us fine young American lives.

Don’t think for a minute that our planes will fly with impunity.  ISIS may attack based in Arab coalition partners, – and Vladimir Putin is itching to try out his new anti-aircraft missiles [the ones he’s been selling to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad] on our air force. We’ll lose planes and pilots.

ISIS will behead more people on camera – especially any Americans they can get their hands on.

And with our unguarded Southern Border, the door is wide open for Islamist agents from many groups to come here for Jihad. Obama has just made it a holy war.

Did you catch the news last night that the Democrat-controlled US Senate blocked Ted Cruz’s attempt to strip US Citizenship from Americans who become ISIS fighters?

You ~ know ~ that Democrat trial lawyers are itching to get paid to defend these evil Jihad-seeking bastards in US criminal trials.

We shall be paying for last night’s bombing for 20 – 40 years…. Hi-ho, Hi-ho…

Did you notice that Obama did not seek a vote in Congress for any of this action? “Notification and approval by the leadership” is NOT a vote!  Was there EVER a discussion of funding?

Instead Mister One-World Obama is going today to the UN – a group he values far more than Congress.

3 Responses to “Brace For Dead Baby Pictures!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    After his speech this morning to the American people and the world he is off to the UN to address “our most serious threat” global warming/climate change. The latest terrorist group Korasan was plotting attacks on targets in Europe and the US, how convenient that they just appear. Will the Code Pink anti war group be outside the UN today to demonstrate against the current administration policy?

  2. Jim Gettens

    …Meanwhile, Erdo?an and his henchmen Muslim Brotherhood THUGS now running our FAKE NATO ‘ally’ Turkey have refused to join the fight, have refused to let us use OUR air base in Turkey to conduct air operations over Iraq and Syria, and are spraying tear gas on Syrian Kurdish refugees fleeing to the Turkish border.

    It’s time to teach these anti-Democratic Muslim Brotherhood Turkish THUGS a lesson–arm the Kurdish Peshmerga, YPG, YPJ, and PKK fighters with whatever they need to combat Islamic State and turn them loose. Then support Iraq’s Kurds in forming an Independent Kurdish State. They’ll be HAPPY to have us build and use air and other bases THERE. The Kurds are our BEST, EFFECTIVE ALLIES in that entire region.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Another example of how Obama considers the U.N. to be his boss, and not the American People. Sad, Really Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!