Bracamontes: “I wish I Had Killed More…”

Posted January 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

One of Governor MoonBeam’s “Dreamers”  – twice-deported Mexican felon Luis Enriquez Bracamontes,  – who shot and killed two sheriff’s deputies in 2014,  – mocks the judge and threatens to kill again.

When Democrats are talking about DACA Kids, they’re not all Rhodes Scholars.  This is the kind of twisted evil that would be granted amnesty to stay here too….

I will break out soon and I will kill more!”

Watch the video Folks, – then watch it again.  Does ANYBODY think Bracamontes isn’t deadly serious?  Anybody see any remorse?   Any chance he’ll suddenly find Jesus…?

Think he’s likely to kill inmates in prison,  and try killing guards?

Would you like to have a reliable gun in your hand the day he escapes from prison,  – since California has no death penalty?

Or,…would you hope you can dial 9-1-1 in time – and try to distract him with chocolate chip cookies…?

What is in Governor Brown’s mind that puts him on the wrong side of EVERY issue, – from repairing dams, – to fighting forest fires, – to shielding illegals,  – to coddling killers?

3 Responses to “Bracamontes: “I wish I Had Killed More…””

  1. Asusue

    Impressive English vocabulary – not!

  2. Kojack

    Too late to just deport this evil M-F’er…..the damage has been done. Set up an appointment with the hangman 1st and then send him back to the SHITHOLE he came from in a box…..a cardboard box.


    Like Assachusetts, California has no Death Penalty…..

  3. Sonny's Mom

    While Brown is committed to the leftist project, the guy pictured on his right, Kevin de Leon, the California state Senate president, is the son of illegals and the dreamer issue is personal for him.