Boy Scouts Going Bankrupt?

Posted December 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

They have been morally bankrupt for years.

Is there a Merit Badge for Dumb Decisions?  First were the series of pedophile scout masters, – and the cover-ups (not unlike the Catholic Church.)  Then they allowed women scout masters, gay scout masters, – and gay scouts.  Then they OKed girls to join the Boy Scouts.  As membership plummeted, – what did they expect would be the results of poor decisions?

Some of the fondest memories I have from my youth are of Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting.

Raised without a father,  a series of Scout Masters assumed that role in my life,  – each making sure I had worthy male role models.  They were incredible men – most veterans of WWII,  – who understood the fundamentals of Leadership.

For them,  leading Scout packs and troops wasn’t just a ‘weekend activity’ – it was a calling,…to form the character of the next generation of American men.

I learned self-respect,  discipline,  woodcraft,  to navigate in the woods,  and how to survive – even in the middle of winter.

So when I entered the Army at age 17,  the Sergeants who were training me seemed the natural extension of my Scoutmasters.  They took ownership of me – and made sure I could perform each and every task to perfection….or they’d take me back through it again…

Out here in the Civilian World over these past few decades – bad things were happening to Scouting.

Evil pedophile scoutmasters,  – cover-ups,…payoffs…

And the natural bad over-reactions – like letting women become Scoutmasters for boys (because they were far less likely to prey upon them…?).

And of course the GAY LOBBY demanded a seat at the table,  – and a chance to prove that gay men could lead boys into the woods on overnight camping trips.

Suddenly boys were equally at risk serving Mass in their church,  and during their field trips with their gay scout masters….

My second experience with scouting came in Acton – raising my son in the brave new yuppified world….

For over a year I cringed at the lack of patriotic instruction by mommies leading Cub Scout Dens,…and the fainthearted and limp-wristed token gestures toward the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance…

GOD FORBID that Scouts be required to be in UNIFORM (way too military) or learn to MARCH in a parade (way-way too military).

These people looked at Scouting as “an activity”,  – a chance to teach inclusive progressive values (everybody gets a turn and a trophy),  – not as a way to raise self-reliant young men schooled in basic survival skills.

Even teaching basic First Aid was considered too challenging and potentially ‘too upsetting‘ for their delicate little boys….

BUT,  – these Progressive Parents still wanted their sons to have “EAGLE SCOUT” on their college résumés….

Sadly, rather than learn how to start a fire and purify drinking water,  – these boys were being schooled for a lifestyle of hypocrisy.

Today the Boy Scouts are about to file for Bankruptcy.

It is a reflection of the evolution of both our National Culture and our Young Republic,  – being killed and eaten from within by poor decisions,  – decisions which FEEL GOOD in the moment – but which have disastrous long-term consequences….

6 Responses to “Boy Scouts Going Bankrupt?”

  1. Varvara

    What a shame! My family were in Scouts, so was I.

  2. Kojack

    The goal of the lib-TURDs, deviants and perverts all along was to destroy the BSA. They have the same goal in mind for ALL of our traditional cultural(American) institutions.

  3. jim morose

    Time for the troops to re-organize as independent local chapters. They can Re-identify as Boy Scouts of Natick, (not associated with the boy scouts of America), Troop# 556 independent troop of Saint Marys’ Church.

  4. Panther 6

    Truly a self inflicted wound on the part of leadership. This can only hurt the youth of our nation and for me, as a former scout and soldier it is very disturbing. My oldest grandson just made Eagle Scout before graduating HS and now he is off to College. He may be the last of my 4 male grandsons to be a scout. That’s a shame.

  5. Kojack

    JIM MOROSE – Brilliant!!! I hope somebody follows up on that.

  6. Ben

    It’s happening right before our eyes. Our country is really getting soft.
    J. Edgar Hoover warned us back in the 50s that we would be defeated from within.
    We are getting too soft. I would not be surprised if we had to bring the draft back. Just my opinion.