Boston’s Slow Journey Into Baltimore

Posted December 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The VOTERS have spoken,  and the Old Guard of White Democrats are out,  and a new generation of Democrats are about to take charge in Boston.

We Hope for the BEST,  we Pray for the BEST;  – but History tells us to brace for a sad and bloody outcome…..

Sheriff Tompkins was best known as a political sign-holder for Andrea Cabral – the former Suffolk County Sheriff appointed to Executive Secretary by Deval Patrick.  People die in that jail….

Rachael Rollins takes over as DA in January.  She ran on a promise to NOT prosecute a whole list of what she calls “minor crimes”,  – because young people of color are most often arrested for them – like shoplifting and drug possession.

Police Superintendent Gross was recently appointed by [reformed drunk] Mayor Walsh to replace the Garden Gnome.  We can hope his face and his relationship with Boston’s Black neighborhoods will help reduce the murder rate,  – but thus far the bodies keep dropping.

We predict that 2019 will be a boom year in the candle and balloon business…

As long-time commie Congressman Mike Capuano heads for retirement – having been ambushed and ousted by Ayanna Pressley – now has already coddled up to another raving Communist MoonBat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Pressley is positioned to be for Boston what Elijah Cummings has been for Baltimore – and Boston will come to regret it.

Yes, we HOPE for the best…..

But when elected officials sworn to uphold the Constitution and the Law,  advertise that they will ignore both….then they are advertising to the criminal underclass of Boston that a new era is about to open up.

Pray for the families of those about to die.

5 Responses to “Boston’s Slow Journey Into Baltimore”

  1. Hawk1776

    You can thank Judge Arthur Garrity for this. When he implemented school busing in Boston the whites moved to the suburbs. This is the consequence.

  2. Kojack

    This is a continuation of the white guilt that got Obysmal Hussein elected and the results will be equally catastrophic. I’ll be making investments in candle and balloon manufacturing companies.

  3. Spartacus

    I would go to war with the police chief, good luck with the rest of the crowd. Born and raised in my beloved city of Boston but now I no longer recognize its culture nor do I like its behavior. It is a libturd punch bowl.


    But what good is an HONEST Police Chief, when the District Attorney refuses to prosecute the crooks his cops arrest…?

  4. Panther 6

    Well, we can only pray and hope for the best but the outcome may be pre-ordained like Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis etc.

  5. Joshua Norman

    Unfortunately, Boston has been an affirmative blacktion city since 2000 and the trends will only continue to get worse.