Boston’s Most Shameful Day Ever

Posted August 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Where once young Patriots met under a huge pine tree,  – to plot a course of Freedom from the tyranny of an English King and his Parliament,…
…today young people with no concept of God,  History,  or world events think they marched to squash and shut down “Hate Speech”

Americans,  I fear that we’re witnessing the opening salvos of the next American Civil War,  – as surely as the cannon fire on the Star of the West in Charleston Harbor.


If there was any good news today,  it was that only 300 Soros goons showed up to intimidate and shout down the 30 Free Speech speakers.  Last year Soros sent some 40,000….

Boston has seen some truly awful and tragic events over the centuries:

Boston Massacre               5 March 1770

Great Boston Fire             9-10 Nov 1872

Great Molasses Flood          15 Jan 1919

Coconut Grove Fire             28 Nov 1942

The 9/11 Hijacking              11 Sept 2001

The Marathon Bombing     15 April 2013

But I can think of NOTHING more tragic or shameful than young Americans,  – most likely college students or college grads,  – organized by a foreign-born Nazi to shut down Free Speech,…

  – solely because they think they disagree with what might be said – in the public square.

How badly have their parents and their teachers failed them?

Beyond the national tragedy that the whole AntiFA movement has taken hold – on OUR SOIL,  – is the tragedy that these young people are certain they are part of an important and historic movement….

.they’re just so poorly educated they have no clue how these things end,  – they cannot connect the dots between cause and effect,  – between ACTION and REACTION.

They don’t understand how they’re being USED….

They most likely have a simplistic vision of a huge army of young people marching on Washington

– of Trump and Pence resigning, 

and of Hillary or Bernie being sworn in…

They haven’t stopped to reckon that American Patriots have over 400,000,000 guns – mostly in the hands of Patriots who will patiently tolerate just so much treason, – before they lock and load.

If you love our Country Americans,  be armed, – and stockpile ammo, food, and medical supplies.

And PRAY they are never needed!

2 Responses to “Boston’s Most Shameful Day Ever”

  1. Mt Woman

    These are some of the stupid folks that agree with Gov Cuomo that America was never really that great. The mass ignorance is truly SHAMEFUL!

  2. Vince

    I have four kids and 11 grandchildren and thank God they are all pretty conservative despite being educated in this environment. That gives me hope, – but when I see these idiots I get concerned for their safety.