Boston’s 2019 Summer Killing Season

Posted July 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Can we get a little “Restorative Justice” here Ms. Rollins?  Maybe send these wayward shooters back to school for some classes in Trigonometry,  – to improve their aim…?   We’d like to avoid over-crowding our hospitals Ma’am…

In keeping with Boston’s long sad history of embracing liberal ideas – and turning them into Public Policy,…how will Mayor Marty Walsh and his new Suffolk County DA Rollins work to ensure public safety this summer…? 

How many times will they blame GUNS for shooting people?

Since they believe the Justice System has long and unfairly targeted “communities of color” for stricter enforcement,…will they now ignore the gangs competing to sell lethal drugs into those “communities of color”?

Will they continue to blame ICE and the Border Patrol when illegal immigrants are selling drugs and using murder to claim the best street-corner locations for their own organizations?

Remember Rollins recently sued in Federal Court to keep ICE from arresting people in state courthouses…

Boston,  you are SO SCREWED!

Your governor is a fake Republican – liberal to the core,

The State Attorney General is an agenda-driven lesbian focused only on her next higher office….

Your Mayor is a reformed drunk, – liberal to the core,  who declared the city a “Sanctuary” for illegals – even criminal ones….

Your Congresswoman is a FLAMING racist liberal….

Your DA is a racist liberal…..

Your state court system is full of Deval Patrick’s “Restorative Justice” liberals….

And we won’t begin to talk about that den of perverts and thieves which comprise your State Legislature…

It’s only a matter of time….

4 Responses to “Boston’s 2019 Summer Killing Season”

  1. Varvara

    Let’s count how many are shot on Saturday.

  2. Marc

    Best decision I ever made was moving out of Boston. I traded in a community that celebrates diversity and disorder for one that celebrates peace and quiet…


  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Sometimes, you just get what you ask for….or deserve.

    (Sent in the rain from under an I-90W overpass near Weedsport, NY, with my wife, on my Harley, headed to Niagara Falls.
    Dang…. All “part of the ride”…. )

  4. Walter Knight

    Gangbangers’ aim is off when they point their guns to shoot sidewayz.