Boston’s 2016 Summer Of Murder Arrives!

Posted June 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Mayor Marty Walsh and his Garden Gnome have a hot grueling summer ahead of them.  It’s a political year,  and Boston is a target city for Muslim jihadistsBlack Lives Matter activists,  and the usual variety of inner-city drug-gang murders.
Boston's Murder Precints
With under 2,200 cops,  less than a dozen trained dogs,  and already under scrutiny for failing to hire qualified military veterans….it would appear that the Garden Gnome prefers to hire smaller,   dumber,  and under-qualified applicants.  Well, too late now, – the murders have begun!   Here’s an idea;  let’s blame GUNS!

Friday 24 June

The Garden Gnome says his new recruit class will all be assigned to the high-murder precincts. Great, – stick the rookies up against the career gang-bangers…

The Garden Gnome


One Response to “Boston’s 2016 Summer Of Murder Arrives!”

  1. MC

    It takes real leadership to earn the respect of qualified military veterans. Last time I took notice, real leadership was needed to run an efficient and professional police force — maybe that is the problem.