Posted June 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Feeling helpless in the aftermath of a mass murder is normal.  Failing to name the murderers is stupid, cowardly,  – and just encourages the evil cult.
Boston Stupid
The really stupid and gutless blame the “GUNS”,  – instead of calling for victims to arm themselves and to harden and defend their soft targets.

The followers of the pedophile prophet Muhammad have been killing everybody around them – and often killing each other – for 1400 years.

It is not a peaceful cult – it is a cult of conquest, slavery and rape.

Off the roof

Gays have long been an easy target for Muslim wrath,  and we can only speculate how depraved the early followers really were….

But for so long as there will be Muslims in the world,  – gays will be at risk.

Yes,…and Jews too….

Have you ever wondered why so many young gay men ‘disappear’ late at night from Boston area nightclubs; – only to be found days and weeks later in the Charles or in Boston Harbor?  Funny how that keeps happening…?

Maybe there’s a record somewhere of the gay nightclubs in 7th Century Mecca and Medina and Cairo…. But there likely were gay men – and lesbians,…enough that Muhammad took notice…. Maybe they were conspicuous…?

They'll stone him

The issue facing us today is that 1,600,000,000 people in the world – 23% – are Muslim in one flavor or variety or another.

And they’ve been stirred into action by the Muslim Brotherhood since 1926,  and more recently by Osama bin Laden.

They don’t send missionaries – they send mullahs and murderers,  – and you ~ may ~ get one brief chance to convert,  – or to pay then Jizya, – or be killed.

Muslims in America are still just under 1%,but they typically have 6 to 10 children. You are being out-populated….your grandchildren will be bullied on a daily – even hourly basis. Muslims don’t make good neighbors,…not for long…

We are well into a period of Muslim emboldenment.  AND,  it coincides with the Obama presidency – and the Ferguson Effect in law enforcement,….   Police at EVERY level are afraid to act for fear of Muslim discrimination lawsuits.

And the media makes the problem worse by failing to report the race,  ethnicity,  backgrounds,  or religions of either murderers or their victims.   You are going through live ‘news blind‘…


Know thy enemy.  Study Islam – enough to understand this threat is not new and not fleeting….

Anticipate attack.  Take a fresh look at your home, your usual travel routes, your work place, and where you shop and go for entertainment….

Arm thyself!   Even Jesus said to sell your robe and buy a sword.  Get trained,  carry a pistol,  fire it every 3 months to stay ready,…and go about your day with a sense of strength and security,…knowing you won’t be a defenseless victim.

Speak out – LOUDLY!    DEMAND that your local media and your local governments stop pussy-footing around the Muslim issue with politically correct mumbo-jumbo…

DEMAND that your local schools – particularly high schools and colleges – teach some straight-forward world history as a requirement for graduation, – so these next generations of young voters cannot be fooled by the next Obama or the next Clinton.

NO,  there is Z-E-R-O equivalence between the Muslim conquests and murders across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe – and the Crusades….

Having our own schools – our own union teachers – perpetuate that bullshit is sinful!

And while we’re at it,…let’s start telling the TRUTH about why Columbus wanted to sail WEST,…and why we fought the ‘Barbary Pirates‘….and the Muslim Waffen SS divisions in Hitler’s army….

Muslim Waffen SS

Nothing we’re seeing in the news now is ‘new’….it’s been going on for 1400 years.


How many times must Muslims attack before you wake up?

And for America’s Gays,…if you’re going to continue flaunting your lifestyle and sexuality in gay nightclubs,…you ~ might ~ better consider armed door guards and bouncers,…and talking to your local governments about changing the local ‘gun-free zoning laws’…so that your favorite hangout isn’t such an inviting kill zone.


  1. Hawk1776

    It was funny, and predictable, how Boston changed from grieving those murdered in Orlando to celebrating the LGBT community. I don’t support the LGBT community but I don’t condone murdering anyone for his or her beliefs. Keep the two separate and keep the Muslims out of the USA.

  2. Mt Woman

    We should all be vigilant and fearful because there is something about all of us that the radical Islamist don’t like–our faith, our sex, what we eat, where we work, who we associate with… At some point we are all potential soft targets for the barbarians. We need a leader with strong values and love of America who has as a priority to the commitment to the safety and security of the American people. Trump has my vote! Maybe maybe now more than ever, his tough-talk, that has been a turn off for so many, will begin to make sense and resonate with the masses of liberals and Dems.

  3. Vince Picarello

    Currently, OBAMA is stirring the Muslims into action just as bad as Qsama bin Ladin. Islam is more a way of life and government than it is a religion and as such should no be given religious liberty.

  4. Kojack

    Obysmal currently has a 51% approval rating. People insist on continuing to be PC = STUPID and you can’t fix STUPID! They are incapable of critical or objective thinking and oblivious to reality and will continue to follow their suicidal beliefs all the way to their own demise. They WILL NOT learn from history.

    The commies and lib-TURDS prevalent in academia, entertainment, the political class and the NEA have accomplished their mission of dumbing down and catapulting American society into depravity thru the public school system.

    I’m hoping that by electing Trump we can overcome somehow these MORONS or at least delay the inevitable until I’m worm food.