Boston Herald: Get A GRIP! Geez!

Posted January 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Herald’s Joe Battenfeld ran a piece today – a ‘Puff Piece’,  – to give credibility to the 2016 ambitions of Senator Squaw, – and a possible match-up against Mitt RiNO Romney.
Battenfeld's Puff Piece

Geez… What could Joe ~ possibly ~ have in mind?  Is he trying to entice MassHole MoonBats to start buying the Herald?  Why didn’t he suggest the Ice Cream Man as her running mate?   And while you’re at it Joe – how about Andrea Cabral for Sec Homeland Security?

Joe, you’re doing America no favors and no service by even remotely suggesting that this lying, box-checking, student-gouging fake Cherokee could EVER be our Commander-in-Chief! 

Haven’t these past 6 years taught you anything?

One Response to “Boston Herald: Get A GRIP! Geez!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Mike, it is obvious that all most newsmen want is a controversial story, face time on the local news and it doesn’t matter if the story has credibility as long as it has legs. Joe has fallen into that category. He was dumped from TV and now his only forum is the Herald, another dying newspaper.