Boston Globe SOLD! At A 93% LOSS!

Posted August 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

He turned around a storied baseball team, filled the seats, and brought 2 World Series Titles to Boston.  Can John Henry turn his $70 Million investment in this über-liberal rag into a REAL newspaper, – or will he merely sell the empty building for a profit?
Globe Sold
           Either way, there are going to be some liberals looking for jobs soon.

The NY Times bought the Globe in 1993 for $1.1 BILLION.  Today they were glad to dump it for a mere $70 Million. Do the math yourself….   Mind you, that $70 Million is mere operating cash for the Times – who may themselves be forced into bankruptcy..   Today Deval Patrick and John Walsh must be wondering who will be their house organ now…
     Historic and funny picture below the fold…

Howie has always wished the Globe was a real newspaper…
Howie Carr at Fenway

2 Responses to “Boston Globe SOLD! At A 93% LOSS!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Let’s hope he can turn it around, but———–let’s face it. Newspapers are on their way out. As soon as the WWII generation all die, there won’t be enough readers of the offline version to keep it alive.

  2. Kojack

    If it’s going to continue to be a libTURD mouthpiece then let’s hope it goes the way of the horse drawn carriage. However I think that it’s more likely that the empty building will be sold at a substantial profit.