Boston Globe Has New Boss Today

Posted October 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

The sale became final Thursday afternoon;   Red Sox Owner John Henry now owns the Globe and the Worcester Telegram.
Globe New Owner
He may be ~ slightly preoccupied ~ with the World Series.   The Sox stumbled badly and lost Game 2 last night.  So we’ll wait a week to see if the man who turned the team around can salvage one of the worst left-wing rags in the country.  You just know Howie Carr is enjoying today!  UPDATE: Sunday 27 Oct:  John Henry speaks…

I’m in this to make a difference, just like most of the people I have met in journalism.John Henry's Op-Ed  Sunday 27 Oct 2013

Gee John, – could you have at least acknowledged that the Globemarching to it’s own band – is out of step with the reality of 2013 Boston?

3 Responses to “Boston Globe Has New Boss Today”

  1. Hawk1776

    Henry is a friend of Bill Clinton, campaigned for John Kerry, and has donated hundreds of thousand of dollars to the Democrats. Some conservatives claim they offered more for the Globe but it was sold instead to Henry because of his political leanings. I think all we will see at the Globe is more of of the same.

    I’m still hopeful that Henry will fire Dan Shaughnessy.

  2. Tom

    The Globe began its left turn during the Taylor reign and went completely Moonbat when it was purchased by the New York Times. Circulation and advertising has plummeted having an adverse effect on the value which has decreased by a factor of 10. What can we expect from John Henry? He has no particular experience in the newspaper industry, he is a liberal and a supporter of Obama.

    If he has any expectations to return the Globe to its former prominence, they must migrate towards the middle and moderate their editorial policy and stop the attacks on Massachusetts based industry.

  3. Casey Chapman

    With everything going digital, traditional newspapers are going the way of the do-do bird. Too bad the old lawyers in D.C. aren’t.