Boston & Brockton Cops Save Charlie FAKER!

Posted June 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

It was twin protests – Boston and Brockton last night,  – and using different tactics the cops saved Charlie FAKER from a major humiliation.  He should thank them profusely!

In Boston the crowd – perhaps already tired,  – was largely defused when the cops chose to ‘take a knee’.   25 miles south in Brockton,  cops backed up by National Guard troops stood firm,  – and slowly cleared the street in front of the police station.

4 Responses to “Boston & Brockton Cops Save Charlie FAKER!”

  1. Kojack

    I would have given them the one finger salute.

  2. Kojack

    What happened to BOSTON STRONG ?!?!?


    President Trump supports the police, and law and order. While President Trump is working to help repair our nation, Faker Baker gets on the news daily bashing our President. This never Trumper RINO Governer needs to stop Trump bashing, and start working to fix our state.
    Massachusetts needs to stop voting for RINO’s & DEMS.

  4. Vic

    I’m beyond disgusted by this, but not surprised. The Boston cops did nothing when the proto-antifa (Occupy Boston) showed up to disrupt and ruin what came to be the final Tea Party rally on Boston Common. Mayor Mumbles was on their side! Are we to have faith in the system of law and order when the official apparatus of the state sides with anarchy? Appeasement = Weakness. Remember Hitler at Munich? How did that work out for the world?