Boston Broadside Photo Bomb

Posted September 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

VP Mike Pence was in New Hampshire yesterday,  – and after his rally was being interviewed by Lou Dobbs.

Someone in the crowd held up a copy of the Boston Broadside,  – a clear signal to the country that there ARE conservatives here in New England!   Well played!

2 Responses to “Boston Broadside Photo Bomb”

  1. Jim Ettwein

    Huzzah to The Broadside for excellent product placement!

  2. Kojack

    The Boston Broadside is under attack from a GROUP OF LIB-TURD VULTURE LAWYERS who are attempting to bankrupt it with FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS. If anyone can spare a few bucks they can donate to a go-fund-me website at: and/or get a subscription.