Boston ~ Almost ~ DESERVES Jennifer Nassour

Posted June 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

She’s known as Party Chair Barbie and she screws over (#ucks over) everything she touches.
Watch out Boston,  – YOU’RE NEXT!

It was just a few years ago she was bragging to the staff at the MassGOP HQ that she was going to be Charlie Baker’s running mate….

It took a couple of horrible election cycles for Republicans here to figure out what was happening behind the scenes. She was running our money up to New Hampshire to puff up Willard’s primary numbers in 2008, while our candidates got chump change from Merrimac Street.

She was constantly reminding us that “I’m an attorney!”  – as if we shouldn’t question her decisions and actions…because ‘we didn’t understand’ how politics works….

It was June 2011 – 8 long years ago – that we cornered her up in Newburyport when she came to talk down to us,…and we got her on video acting like the snotty bitch she really is.

Click this link to see the 2011 video:

Truth be told,  I don’t much like Boston.  But honor dictates that I at least issue you FAIR WARNING:  This B-I-T-C-H is NOT what she advertises herself to be.

She’s really well practiced at showing leg, shoulder, and ~ maybe ~ a quick glimpse of tit,  – but you won’t see the poison until AFTER she’s in office.


2 Responses to “Boston ~ Almost ~ DESERVES Jennifer Nassour”

  1. Kojack

    Mike, I disagree…..Boston DOES deserve Party Chair Barbie/Jenn…. corrupt, evil bastards that they are.


    Kojack! You’re so HARSH!

    Think of the innocent children, 4th and 5th generational victims of DemoCRAP politics, the Bulgers, Small Deval, Mumbles, the court-ordered busing, the court-ordered AA/EEO hiring of the utterly unqualified….the drunken Kennedys and the power-drunk Kerry….

    …losing the Rocket and then Pedro, and the terrorist attacks….and the Global Warming scare tactics,…

    ….and now you want them to suffer Nassour…?

  2. Kojack

    Mike, all of that is INDISPUTABLE, and yet, THEY’RE STILL DUMMYCRAPS!!! That is why I say THEY DESERVE PARTY CHAIR BARBIE. Think of it as payback for what they’ve foisted on US.