“Born & Unborn: God Given Right-To-Life”

Posted August 28th, 2020 by Iron Mike

For over an hour Trump recounted successes,  explained challenges,  and shared his vision for an even greater America.  Dem’s were hating it,  – particularly this clip:

FULL SPEECH below the fold:

As I flipped between channels,  – left-wing commentators were obsessing over the Hatch Act,  – the audience sitting too close and without masks,  – and wondering if the crowd had been tested…

By the end a few were acknowledging that the Republicans had made a powerful impression over the four days,  – and done a good job of defining the issues.


I slept soundly last night – no nightmares,  – maybe because for these past 3½ years, – the first time since Reagan,  – we again have an American Patriot who loves us in the White House.

I rest easy knowing that if Trump is awake and up,  he’s working FOR us,  – not selling us out…

Can you believe it – – Trump works for free?  He donates 100% of his salary!

I shudder and cringe to think that so many Democrats (Communists) want a return of those Clinton / Obama Cartel Crooks….

PERSONAL NOTE:   When I got back from Vietnam, – many young people would come up to me in public and accusingly ask “How many babies did you kill Lieutenant?”   They didn’t want to know how many I’d saved….

All these years later,…how many have THEY killed?

Folks,  pray for our Young Republic,  pray for our unborn,  – and pray for our incredible First Family!

4 Responses to ““Born & Unborn: God Given Right-To-Life””

  1. FLICK

    Powerful summary Iron Mike.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Many wonderful moments.

    A great one was America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, asserting,

    A great contrast made for your vote:

    – Want peace and prosperity from one who loves America?

    – Want socialism and misery from one who hates America?

    Len Mead

  3. Stubby Buddy

    Trump does MORE than work for free – he PAYS TO SERVE our country! How? Simple. He may donate 100% of his salary – but it’s still taxable income TO HIM. I don’t care how many fancy accountants he has on payroll, he IS paying tax on that donated income.

    What other President (or ANY public office-holder) has EVER done that?

  4. panther 6

    In Donald J. Trump we have a leader who will speak his mind and not mind that it irritates some. Not a true politician, just an honest American who truly loves this country.