Boris Johnson’s HUGE HUGE Win!

Posted December 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Boris’s Conservatives win 364 seats to Labor’s 203, – enough to ensure a clean BREXIT by January 31st.

You can assume that come February there will be trade talks between Johnson and Trump,  – and that Britain will now control it’s own immigration laws.

2 Responses to “Boris Johnson’s HUGE HUGE Win!”

  1. Kojack

    “Britain will now control it’s own immigration laws.”

    Too little and too late to stop the demographic time bomb and prevent the 7th century barbarians from taking over UNLESS they’re willing to be as brutal as the jihadis but, like over here, there are too many lib-TURDs who will prevent that from happening.

    The exit from the EU will make things interesting and maybe even precipitate it’s demise.


    In 2011, Muslims were 12.4% of London’s population…

    Muslims in London

  2. Sherox

    It’s time that Britain deports these so-called refugees to the nearest Muslim majority country.