Boris Johnson: Britain’s Next PM!

Posted July 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

He just won 66% of the Conservative Party vote, and will become Prime Minister in a handover ceremony from Theresa May tomorrow.   Many in England – mostly in their Labour Party hate Johnson and hate the idea of leaving the EU,  much like buttsore Democrats in the US hate Trump.

The tasks facing Johnson are massive.  He needs to form a new government,  deal with finding a new ambassador to the USA,  and deal with the Iranians who seized a tanker last week.  He has promised a BREXIT with or without a ‘deal’.

2 Responses to “Boris Johnson: Britain’s Next PM!”

  1. Jim Buba


    When you get down to the Brexit Brass Tacks, you learn that it is all about protecting the R.O.I. of the House of Lords. Something very good is about to happen.

    In parting, Zelenskij’s party won a majority in Ukraine. The near-Anti West Asian Unionists are about to be taken to the woodshed.


    Anything that lets the Brits to once again determine their OWN immigration policy is a good thing.

  2. panther 6

    The UK has serious immigration problems but not all caused by the EU. Having served with Her Majesty’s forces before the lads and lasses from around the Commonwealth came to the fore I sympathize with the Brits but not sure what they can do about the current situation. Agree with Mike’s comment about the UK making its own rules on all aspects of ruling the nation and not being dictated to by the EU.