Boeing Blackmailed By Obama

Posted May 18th, 2011 by Iron Mike


“Gimme 10 planes a month
with overtime – or else!”


When push comes to shove – the Obama Cartel does both. Boeing has made a $2 Billion investment in a second production line for their new 787 Dreamliner – in right-to-work South Carolina.

Suddenly Obama’s NLRB says they can’t build airplanes there. Hmmm. Can you guess why?

Start with the militant 20,000 member International Association of Machinists Local #751, Tom Wroblewski, President. They’ve been browbeating Boeing since WW II.

Machinist – Everett $42K [union]
Aircraft Electrician $48K

Machinist – Charleston, SC $31K [non-union]
Aircraft Electrician – $36K


Unemployment at 9.7%, down from 10.9%

Democrat Governors since 1985 Christine Gregoire since 2005

Senator Maria Cantwell (D) [commie]
Senator Patty Murra y (D)  [wacko commie]

2010 census: WA gained 1 = 12 Electoral votes


Cantwell – Wroblewski – Murray


South Carolina:

Unemployment at  9.6% down from 12.2 %

Just elected Republican Governor Nikki Haley

Senator Lindsey Graham RiNO
Jim DeMint (R) – possible VP candidate

2010 census: SC gained 1 – 9 Electoral votes

The 787 stands to become Boeing’s biggest moneymaker for the next thirty years – maybe longer. They have invested $2 Billion in the Charleston plant.  But corporate money [private money] means nothing to Obama. He just had his EPA shut down Shell oil’s $4 Billion north slope operation – over ‘icebreaker fumes’.

Obama is looking at 12 Democrat electoral votes vs. 9 Republican electoral votes – and millions in union campaign  contributions. You really think he’d let little things like the law or fairness stand between him and a second term?

Wrobleski claims Boeing is building the Charleston plant ‘in retaliation’ for ongoing union activity in Everett’.



That’s all the excuse Obama’s NLRB queen Wilma Liebman [Bricklayers / Teamsters] and her SEIU sidekick Craig Becker need.

They’ve issued a deal – Boeing MUST build ten (10) planes a month in Everett [would require heavy overtime and rehiring all laid-off Boeing personnel]. Then and ONLY then will the NLRB issue an ‘OK’ for Boeing to build ‘as many as they want to’ in South Carolina.

If you don’t see the heavy hand of Vladimir Lenin reaching down through history – through the Obama White House – and into every American boardroom, – you’re still living in denial.

Wilma Liebman and her Troika

Boeing will appeal.  The case will drag through the courts for a few years.  With luck, we’ll have a new NLRB come February 2013.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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