Boehner Finding Some Stones?

Posted September 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Uses Putin and Syria to mock Obama on the Debt Limit….

Remember, Obama wants to take us from $17 TRILLION – to $25 TRILLION.   And this will be good for America,…how?

3 Responses to “Boehner Finding Some Stones?”

  1. Tom

    But, but it will bring everything to a screaching halt!! Govt programs will stop, social security checks will stop and the full faith and credit of the US will mortally wounded! Just ask a liberal, theyay have more horror stories.

  2. Charlie Chapman

    There is, on you tube, I’m sure, an old Burns and Allen routine where Gracie tells George that she spend so much money “because of all the money she saved”. Same philosophy the leftist pResident seems to follow. Same ignorance, too.
    YOU CANNOT spend your way to prosperity. Doesn’t work. If you look it up, that’s what FDR originally tried, to get the U.S. out of the great depression.
    The only thing that DID get us out of it was WWII. Some would say that that had something to do with why FDR finally decided to get us involved when Pearl Harbor happened.

  3. Walter Knight

    Putin, give back the ring!