Bob Maginn Faces Tough Decisions

Posted March 19th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Can the short man stand up to the BIG challenge?

  Does he even understand the issues?

There’s just been a sea change in the MassGOP State Committee, and the newly elected members didn’t run to join the self-deluding old-boys at the bar. They don’t like being an 11% laughingstock party.

And they sure didn’t run to be Mitt Romney’s altar boys.

Maginn wanted this job. Now will he harness the energy of the new leaders, – or will he dig in and just carry out Mitt’s orders?

Maginn’s political history is of bad decisions; – his OCPF fine, – the $2,500.oo to Chuck Schumer, – the $500.oo to Deval Patrick, – attempting to bribe incumbent committee members with free campaign web sites, – the failure to embrace and unite both sides after his election,…hiring Blute and Torky on his own Jenzabar payroll to do Party work.

You don’t have to be a political genius to understand how close Maginn’s future is hooked to Mitt Romney becoming the GOP standard bearer. If Mitt weren’t the ‘leading contender’ – Maginn wouldn’t even be in the picture.

But he is. Now can Maginn be a real leader, – or is he just here to provide room service to Romney?

  Maginn will need to do some quick soul-searching:

– Is he in this for himself; – perhaps a future cabinet post or ambassadorship…?

– Is he in this for us – the beleagured Republicans of the Commonwealth…?

– Is he simply here to serve his old friend Mitt Romney? And if Mitt is NOT the nominee, will he bail in September?

– Can Bob, – a man used to wielding power by investing other people’s money – adjust to working with a committee now populated by committee members who insist on having a voice?

  Image Issues:

No getting around the obvious – Maginn does not present the standard image of a leader.

No leader since Napoleon has been so vertically challenged. Can Maginn find a way to fill the room, and fill followers with confidence instead of scorn?

Equally pressing, can he quietly deliver the MassGOP from the clutches of Ron ‘Chocolate Pants’ Kaufman – our disgraceful national committeeman?

It will be hypocritical of Republicans to mock JPK3s Hugo Chavez connection if we still have Kaufmann in an official position.

Keeping Kaufman essentially guarantees another Kennedy in Congress come January!

  Message Issue:

By now it should be clear to even the most committed RiNO – Mitt Romney isn’t winning conservative hearts and minds – even when he does get votes. Republicans may ~ settle ~ for Romney, but in their hearts they want someone more conservative – and not a lifetime flip-flopper!

Can and will Maginn find the courage to formulate and deliver a strong state-wide Republican message [and platform] – or will he continue to weaken the Party by clinging to the RiNO positions.

  Legal Issues:

Lurking just offstage to the left are a series of nagging legal issues waiting to boil over this summer and fall. Thus far Maginn has appeared to be either unaware – or worse – indifferent.

– The books of the MassGOP are is dire need of an outside audit. If Maginn dawdles, he may get a ‘free’ audit from either Bill Galvin, Mike Sullivan or Suzsanne Bump – or all three – a task force!

– Hiring Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen to do GOP work, – while paying them through Jenzabar’s payroll, – may subject Jenzabar to serious federal scrutiny.

Can you imagine the glee that Eric Holder will take in this investigation?

Should a government-led audit take place – the findings will range from embarrassing to devastating. Several MassGOP officials – past and present – may need legal representation.

What do you want to bet that the MassGOP doesn’t carry this kind of insurance to pay peoples’ legal fees?

Mister Maginn has a lot of decisions and a lot of work to do in the next 16 days.

We wish him a clear vision and the courage to execute it. Until he does though Folks – don’t feed the RiNOs!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Bob Maginn Faces Tough Decisions”

  1. Jim Buba

    He has been warned and it looks and sounds as though he ignores everybody on this.

    Good shot considering the Ambassador post to China. It would be a nice fit given his wife’s connection to the cause.

    Never a dull moment.

  2. Jeffrey S. Wilson

    Dear Mike,

    This piece could have been stronger.

    1) Bob Maginn’s physical stature is irrelevant, and mentioning it makes you look foolish.

    2) Context suggests that you meant to write “altar” rather than “alter.” Then again, you might have been attempting some obscure gender-bender remark.

    3) Ron Kaufman dates from the George H. W. Bush administration. He has been Massachusetts’ Republican National Committee Man for years, and he will remain in that role unless / until someone beats him by election. Why don’t you work on that rather than complaining and making potty-mouth insults?

    4) Of course Bob Maginn is Mitt Romney’s man. Do you think that Maginn would have agreed to take on such a thankless job for no reason? Could Maginn and Romney have some deal contingent upon Romney’s winning the presidency? Sure, why not? This would be an interesting thread to investigate, but tossing it out as an indictment is not investigation.

    5) IMHO, the Mass GOP state committee’s platform sub-committee did a pretty good job with the platform upon which Republican candidates ran two years ago. Go read it and see if you don’t agree. I assure you that Bob Maginn will no more write the next platform than Jennifer Nassour did the last one.

    6) Is your point so weak that you must you raise the audit shibboleth? If you really want to be helpful to the GOP in Massachusetts, why not quietly transmit your concerns to 80 Merrimack Street instead of splattering them on your blog for the aid and entertainment of Dem activists?
    Thanks for clicking in Jeff and for your comment.

    – Spelling correction made, – TY.

    – Maginn’s size does matter – since it affects his ability to look and act like a leader. 37 years of military service taught me that. The only short hero was Audie Murphy.

    – It doesn’t matter what the ‘platform’ says; what matters is what does or doesn’t get communicated. Ms. Nassour communicated a pro-gay / anti-conservative message in VERY clear terms – literally told us ‘there’s the door’.

    – I fully understand that Maginn is Mitt’s man – which is why I wanted us to have our OWN man – McNamara. If Mitt isn’t our nominee, or fails to get elected, I expect Maginn to vanish in a puff of smoke. Our MassGOP should NOT be ‘Mitt’s GOP’! It won’t help build our party now any more than it did in the 90s.

    – Kaufmann is a disgrace on too many levels to mention. I’m guessing you are unaware of much of it.

    But again, thanks for clicking in!

  3. Karen G

    Jeff, If you don’t mind me chiming in…

    I believe Iron Mike is onto something here. While Mr. Maginn’s physical size may not be a big deal to you, I believe what Mike is pointing out is that his moral stature has room for considerable growth. And, let us admit, we all know about “short man syndrome” or “Napoleon Complex” because it is a documented psychological condition with predictable behavioral manifestations.
    Is it really necessary to correct someone else’s spelling errors? Doing so makes you appear to be a nit-picker.
    I think the name “chocolate pants” has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Potty-mouthed? No…Humorous? Absolutely!
    As far as Mike’s prediction re: A future political position for Maginn if Mittens wins? Write it down, put it in a mayonnaise jar, and wait…he’ll be right.
    Oh, and PS — Donating thousands of dollars to uber-liberal Democrats? What REAL Republican does that? Seriously, that’s all this gal needs to know about Mr. Maginn’s mind-set.