BLUNT Words On Veteran’s Day 2021

Posted November 10th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Memorial Day is when we remember and thank our dead – 1,300,000 of them.   Veteran’s Day is when we thank the living – even the ones who served in air-conditioned stateside safety enjoying three hot meals a day and maid service.
I want something much different from my fellow citizens.
CAUTION:   Thinking required.

While I still deeply appreciate the kind thoughts and words from everybody;  kind words won’t keep this country from going to socialist hell because two generations of ignorant voters don’t have a clue.

I want you all to smarten up,  study History,  UNDERSTAND History,  and start TEACHING  History to teenagers and young adults.

They’re not getting it in the schools,  and neither did YOU!

There was a war at the start of the 20th Century that you didn’t learn about.   It’s important for the LESSONS Americans need to learn,  – AND because the outcome still effects our lives today in 2021.

So when you’re done reading THIS,  – go Google the Russo-Japanese War,  and try to learn and understand the basic lessons from that conflict.

What was life like back at the turn of the 20th Century?

WHO were the major powers and what were they each trying to do?

Which side started the war?  With what objectives?

HOW did the war start?  Where were most of the battles fought?

Which battles were decisive?   Why?

How was the war settled?   Where? (Surprise!)  Who won?

What were the immediate consequences of the war?

What were the L-O-N-G TERM consequences?

What LESSON did the Japanese learn?

What LESSONS did the other world powers learn?

Did the USA learn anything?  Or did we still feel secure behind two oceans?

NOW LOOK AT ANOTHER WAR:  the Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1939

There were Germans, Russians, and Americans involved in this war.  WHY?

Was this a genuine Civil War,  – a Proxy War,  – or BOTH?


The USA has been the “World’s Policeman” since the end of WWII.   Many Americans argue that we have no business trying to do that….i.e. none of our business…

So as a veteran I always ask:  “If not the USA,  – WHO do you want in that role?  The Russians?  The Chinese?  The French?  The Muslims…?  WHO?

When you consider the loss of life in the Korean and Vietnamese Wars,…should we have been trying to “Contain Communism with Minimal Bloodshed”,  – or should we have used our massive power to WIN and END those wars decisively?

Considering presidents like Truman, LBJ, Clinton, Obama, and now Biden,…is there a point when being ‘anti-war’ morphs into national cowardness?

And if so,  does national cowardness encourage bad actors around the globe?

What has happened here at home in those cities that tried to DISBAND their Police,  and that voted for the George Soros prosecutors…?   Are they safer…?

WHAT are the LIKELY near-term and long-term consequences of Biden’s botched Afghanistan pullout?

What happened in the USSR as a result of their pullout?

Can America survive another Obama or Biden-Harris?

Can we survive another generation of dumbed-down deliberately miseducated young voters who DOEN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND when they’re being LIED TO? 

3 Responses to “BLUNT Words On Veteran’s Day 2021”

  1. Jim Buba

    Brother, the truth in History is more frightening as you witness the same errors in judgement by those who do not know

    It is sunny and seasonally cold here, my mind drifts to Ernie’s memories of Bastogne, December, 1944. Then, it was cold and foggy in the days after Christmas, as elements of the 101st hunkered down to make the Roadblock a success.

    It saddens me to look forward to potential duplicity in Seattle and El Paso

  2. Vlc

    Regarding an understanding of history, I would direct the readers of this blog to read the speech, as recorded by Tacitus, given by (short-lived) Roman Emperor Galba to his (even more short-lived) successor Piso as a key to understanding the character of the Roman people in that phase of post-Republican Rome.
    It is my opinion that American citizens in this present era are cast much in the same mold.

  3. Stubby Buddy

    I would recommend instead using Infogalactic rather than revisionist-history and leftist-loving wikipedia.

    Pertinent page here: