Blunt Questions For Bob Maginn

Posted November 12th, 2011 by Iron Mike

22 years ago in Tiananmen Square Chai Ling was a heroic student protest leader.

Today she is a Boston venture capitalist married to her business partner Bob Maginn.  Bob is a long-term Mitt Romney guy from Bain Capital days. In 1998 he ran a failed race for State Treasurer.  Now Bob want to be the next Chairman of our MassGOP.

So Bob,…what the HELL was your lovely wife doing telling those Soros-Obama foot soldiers in Dewey Square that she would train them to be MORE effective??!?


We’ve had some 30+ years of weak and ineffective leadership of our MassGOP.  The last one was a real duzzy – she negotiated a surrender to Bay Windows.

Then she failed to lead a statewide campaign against the ten incumbent congress critters. They were ALL re-elected, and we even got a tax cheat as our new state auditor.

The one before her sent our money to New Hampshire in a failed try at getting Mitt a 2008 primary win. So Jeff Beatty got pocket change to run against Lurch.


We DON’T NEED another unfocused or distracted leader.

Bob, if after 22 years your wife doesn’t understand the difference between Tiananmen Square and Dewey Square, – you’ve got some home schooling to do.


And if YOU don’t understand that this year we Republicans, – indeed our whole state and our whole nation – cannot be dealing with these kinds of DISTRACTIONS, – then you’re clearly not ready to be our leader.

2012 will see these Occupy maggots doing their best to shut down our cities and our transportation systems – and our city governments.

They will try doing here what their European counterparts have done in England, France, Italy, and Greece. It’s part of Soros’ plan.

If your wife – who is now among ‘the 1%’ – wants to HELP them, she’s going to help paralyze our country during the most important election year of my lifetime.  Are YOU and SHE aware of the danger?


Do you understand how this makes you the WRONG man to lead us?

Don’t insult our intelligence Bob; – don’t tell us that she was going to re-register them as Republicans.

BTW, what party is SHE registered with?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, and Bob, some folks are asking why you gave money to Chuck Schumer.  Can you explain?


8 Responses to “Blunt Questions For Bob Maginn”

  1. Jim Buba

    Don’t forget that the solution to the European problem is to trounce the Social programs and move ‘Hard Right’, cut spending by cutting social programs (programs? can we find another term for boats full of holes?), cutting public salaries and cutting, capping or terminating pensions.

    Now then, all of this atop the signatures upon the ‘bills of sale’ to every single reveue producer in the case of Greece, to the bond-holders and the IMF. Take a 50% haircut? Ok, so long as we have Revenue for Life.

    Just cutting out the middle men (women, children, blacks, hispanic, fat, dumb, lazy, gay or transexual) reaps an instant positive. (Better to use that term than profit)

  2. sad4magop

    Ron Kaufmann has outdone himself on this one. Usually he just picks incompetents. I think he just wants to see how much he can get the lackies on the State Committee to bend over and take it. The excuses that are soon to be coming forward should be good comedy. ‘Self before Party’ is the obvious motto of the shameful State Committee.

  3. Sam Adams

    Another GOP RINO pick. Another champion of the losers!
    Another Kaufman groupie to help send all GOP money out of state.
    Another disaster to help Kaufmanin starve local candidates of money in order to give it all to billionaires Brown and Romney.
    When are you going to wake up SC!
    Vote for common sense!
    Vote Frank McNamara.

  4. jazzpatriot

    Great article Iron Mike! It sounds like making sure this guy doesn’t get elected should be a top priority for MA Conservatives.So many MA Republicans have no idea who their true enemies are. It’s a scary situation!

  5. Don Ordway

    Mr. McGinn appears to be out of step with all that Republicans hold dear. I am concerned that at some point he will try to bring Barney Frank to the right by siding with him on far out left wing issues. This was a bad step exercising poor judgement. For too long we looked the other way and look what we are up against today. If we wnt to win we must defend ideas that work, not ideas that fail every time they are tried.

    He certainly owes Republicans an explanation. Our future is under attack we need to do the right thing not concern ourselves with political correctness. I look forward with hope for his explanation. I hope their is one.

    We won’t help anyone sponsoring a Left wing Senator Schumer

    Don Ordway

  6. WakeUp

    You just don’t get it. Obama and the Republicans are all on the same team. They are getting paid by Pacs and Super Pacs to do their bidding which is make more money and send American jobs overseas. Not only that we are going to give you tax incentives to do it. Make more money for the corporations and we will donate to your re-election campaigns. Don’t you know that a bill was presented in Congress to stop tax incentives to companies that outsource jobs overseas and 100% of all Republicans voted against it. We are a bunch of saps and have been sold out to those we elected to office. They are all on the take and are corrupt, you think getting rid of Obama is the answer? I wish it was just Obama but its the whole political system that needs to be cleaned up from all the corruption and influence of money in politics.