BLUNT Advice For Lying James Comey

Posted April 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

SHUT UP!  Go home,  hire a criminal defense attorney,  – put your affairs in order,  – and pray the Clinton Cartel hasn’t already put a hit on you.

With every interview you give,  you’re losing allies,  burning friends (such as you have),  and providing evidence to a future prosecutor.  One thing is for sure – you’ll never be trusted by any side to serve in any government again.  In your quest to bring down Trump,  – you’ve toasted your own credibility and reputation.

Across this land the newest greenest rookie cop on any police force has enough honor and common sense to understand that you’re a dirty cop.

Your big buddy Robert Mueller left the FBI in shreds,  – and you ignored the corruption,  – in fact, – you added to it

WHAT did you think Hillary would reward you with,  – the entire Justice Department?

Her use of a private insecure server to send highly classified government messages is the all-time ‘Open & Shut’ case ever handed to a prosecutor.  You stalled it,  botched it,  – then white-washed it.  

What had Hillary promised you?

Then you simultaneously aided and abetted Hillary by using her “Golden Showers” dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his associates.

Were there no classes on ETHICS when you went to law school in Chicago;  – or were they already teaching Obama Ethics there…?

Shut up!   Get off the stage.   Go home.  Pray you stay out of jail,  because Loretta Lynch, Andy McCabe,  and Rod Rosenstein are all ready to sell you out to get a lighter sentence themselves.  You have no friends left.

Look in the mirror Jim, see ANYBODY standing with you…?

4 Responses to “BLUNT Advice For Lying James Comey”

  1. Vic

    The firing squads are way overdue for this bunch.

  2. hddan

    I used to think that the FBI was our premier law enforcement agency. Then came Zip Connolly, Paul Rico etal from the Boston office. Ruby Ridge, Waco and now add to that a lying POS that is trying to overturn OUR election. President Trump does not need to drain the swamp, he needs to steam clean it.

  3. Mt Woman

    I think Devens is going to have to build a bigger cell block to hold all these swamp creatures heading out way. They all deserve real time, not the year in Club Fed that Martha Stewart got.

  4. Walter Knight

    I question whether any Washington DC jury will convict a Democrat. The Swamp owns Washington DC juries.