Blowing Conservative Minds Ted Taps Carly

Posted April 27th, 2016 by Iron Mike

In a move signaling his utter frustration and desperation – ‘Conservative Icon’ Ted Cruz announces his pick of Running Mate – Planned Parenthood supporter Carly Fiorina.
Ted Taps Carly
There is a reason presidential campaigns last a year,  – it gives time to expose strengths,  weaknesses,  and any skeletons hiding in the past,…except back in 2008 when this nation totally ignored all those messy details….  Well,…there was 1972….


Anybody remember those 18 days that Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton was the Democrat’s pick to become Vice President…?

Eagleton  VP for 18 days

Anybody remember what happened….during those 18 days…?

McGovern Eagleton Shriver

Anybody remember what happened to Nixon’s running mate…?

Many would say the best pick ever was Joe Biden – our National Village Idiot,  – because the very thought of him being sworn in has kept Obama alive….

2 Responses to “Blowing Conservative Minds Ted Taps Carly”

  1. Patrick

    I haven’t heard that Carly was ever a PP supporter. What’s that about?


  2. Hawk1776

    I was a Fiorina supporter. She strikes me as being really sharp.